Andromeda Un-Boxing

Well, more like un-bagging. I got home from work and found this little manila envelope in my mailbox.


I’m impressed that it made it to me, with an address like that…

But, like with all things worth getting to know, it’s what’s inside that counts.


Yes, I sprang for the Deluxe Edition, mostly because it was cheaper to pre-order the deluxe edition than to wait for launch day and buy the regular version (which was my plan). So I figured spending less money and getting a few more “pathfinder outfits” and a pet pyjak (woot?) and spending less money (did I mention spending less money?) than buying at launch was worth it.

Because who doesn’t love reading the back of game covers?

And what’s inside what’s inside is pretty important in this case, as well (pun intended).

If Dragon Age: Inquisition is any indication, this represents the next 130 hours of my life.

The Andromeda Initiative even included a little note of welcome.


And BioWare was even kind enough to include a note, as well. I felt all warm and fuzzy inside like when I read the note at the end of Mass Effect 3, thanking me for playing the game and sticking with Shepard. Or reading the dedication for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, in which J.K. Rowling dedicates the book to the readers who have stayed by Harry’s side. Aw…

from BioWare

Now all that’s left is to install and start our new adventure!

Wake me up when we’re in Andromeda!

PS – If you haven’t been keeping up with our Mass Effect month, check out our discussions about the original trilogy (and its endings) here.

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    1. Thanks! I’ll be posting impressions tomorrow, and they will be spoiler-free! Also, don’t know if you’re following the let’s play or not, but if you are, once Andromeda videos start going up I’m going to try hard not to have massive spoilers in the titles, too. So everything will be safe to look at haha

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      1. Excellent. It’s a tempting proposition though I may have to wait until I have finished my own campaign before I see how you will/have fared.

        Good luck to you.

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  1. awesome!! My wife told me my box shipped to the house, so of course being at work, i said send me a pic of the key!!! so i can get installing it remotely ASAP! Priorities right?

    it’s at 82% right now, total install size is a whopping 45gb for PC, it will definately be done by the time i get home in a couple hours. Super excited can’t wait to dive into Mass Effect after so many years!!!

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    1. Woo! That’s great that you can install remotely 😀 Yeah, it’s a huge file… Your priorities sound about right to me haha.

      Yes, very excited to start playing! I have a friend coming over and then we’ll be diving in! Have fun!!!

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  2. From the screenshot I have determined that your address is somewhere in the world.

    What a sweet note from the ME Team. Now I feel bad for bashing the finale of Three.

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    1. That is a very astute observation about my address, my friend. Hopefully I won’t have to start beating back all my fans now that my residence is found out… 😉

      And the note was quite unexpected (and very sweet, like you said). Even though I know it’s probably in every copy of the game, it’s nice when companies/development teams acknowledge that their fans are actual people with feelings, and not just numbers or part of net income.

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  3. I not only preordered the deluxe edition but bought the digital copy so I could play last night. I drove to work today, very very tiredly I might add, as not sleeping until 7 am because BioWare dialogue takes me forever to find good stopping points.
    The Nomad’s driving capabilities in its starting location are my biggest complaint so far. Maybe I’m just doing something wrong, but I found it easier to reverse up hills rather than drive up them utilizing all available tech at its disposal.
    For future updates, I’d like to know if it’s not just me as other YouTube videos make the driving look easier than I was having last night on day one.

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    1. Wow! That’s dedication! You’re right that BioWare dialogue tends to be very… descriptive. Especially when they introduce you to a new fantasy world…

      Oh no! Well I was a fan of the Mako, so I seem to be immune to poor handling woes haha. I’m getting together with my friend this evening and we’ll be heading out, so hopefully we’ll get a chance to experience the Nomad before I write up my initial impressions for tomorrow!

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      1. Heads up, exploration in spaceship mode is very simple compared to ME2, I spent 20 min trying to look for more resources on an asteroid I found then realized what I got on initial find was all it was giving me. Just so you don’t waste as much time as I did and feel silly.

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      1. I’ll be off work here soon, so I’ll get more time to test drive. As long as I took exploring the Nexus and the galaxy before getting it I only had about an hour test drive total.

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