Mass Effect Month: Day 9 – Love in the Air

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Mass Effect Month, Day 9: Who is your favorite character to romance?

*cries and runs from the room*

Seriously, how can you make me choose?

Jack is surprisingly sweet under all that sass, even to an un-romanced Shepard (the little hopeful nod she gives when she asks, “Shepard? Is that you?” when Shepard calls her during the final battle is adorable), and Miranda is a complete ice queen, again, until you get to know her.

Liara, of course, carries a torch for Shepard even if she’s not romanced, and their relationship is one of the most developed of the games. I really liked how the dialogue reflected how long the two knew each other, and I think the devs knocked it out of the park in regards to portraying a “long” relationship (for a video game). Liara doesn’t take crap from Shepard, and isn’t afraid to ask for what she wants, even as her heart is probably demanding she abandon all logic.

Image result for liara spent 2 years mourning you

But poor Liara unfortunately made one little mistake that reminded me a little too much of my overly controlling ex, and so poor Shepard stayed with her because I was trying to role play as “not myself,” not because I personally was enamored with her, although I do think they make a cute couple and I do ship them, all my issues aside.

So… who is my favorite romance?

It’s a tie! (Surprise! …?)

Thane Krios… I just love him. And for a guy to be on my list, that’s really saying something about him. You know, I never understood how folks could go for Garrus, who looks like a cat mixed with a bug, but I can almost almost get it when I compare it to Thane. I have no physical attraction to this guy. Zero. None. And when I have the option to play as a homosexual character, you bet I take it. And sexual orientation isn’t a choice. And my Shepard was gay. And if she had ridden off into the sunset with Thane, I would have been the happiest person and would have run after them throwing rose petals at them and singing love songs or something.

Image result for thane krios

That’s how much I love Thane. And I love the two of them together. I really do think that the each provide something the other is looking for.

But see, then it’s complicated. Because Thane *mumble mumble spoilers* so riding off into a sunset isn’t exactly something that can happen.

So, my canon soul-mate for Shepard is actually…

Well, do I really have to say it?

Again, BioWare does a great job portraying the relationship, this time the dizzying, lighthearted, and playful beginning of a relationship while still underpinning it with a meaningful connection. Samantha’s the only one – it appears – who seems to not only care for Shepard, but wants to take care of her and doesn’t ask her for anything but her love in return.

Image result for samantha traynor


I only wish she had been in the first or second game. I would have loved to see how their relationship developed over time. As it was, seeing her just be so playful and cheeky with Shepard was really delightful, and if you clicked that link above you know that I loved how so much about her was portrayed subtly but firmly.

Okay, okay, I know. I’ve been ignoring Andromeda. But I only had time to romance one (and a half, if you count a PeeBee fling) person, so she’s my default favorite romance for that game (although she’s pretty great even as not a default). Dr. Suvi Anwar. I mean, she’s like Samantha Traynor and Leliana rolled into one person so… yeah what’s not to like?? But seriously, she’s kind and smart and is a great foil to awkward Ryder. Again, I would have liked to have seen more of a relationship between the two, but that’s what you get for romancing the folks who stay on the ship, I suppose…

Related image

I had a comment a few days ago about the homosexual options being relegated to “crew mates only,” meaning there were fewer interactions and dialogue options. While I will say that, yes, this is true, personally I look at it as “baby steps.” I want to praise BioWare for being progressive, not complain at them for not being progressive enough when – let’s be honest – they’re leading the charge when it comes to representation.

But that’s a topic for an entirely different day.

What about you? Who was your first and/or favorite Mass Effect romance? Let me know in the comments!

I should go,
~ Athena

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  1. You think Garrus and Thane were weirdly alien looking, I would’ve chosen Wrex if I could’ve lol. I loved his blunt, get shit done attitude. My favorite asari was that bartender with the krogan father. I don’t think I could deal with straight krogan, but tempered with either intelligence or maybe just lack of complete bullheadedness, that would’ve been an interesting relationship 😋

    I have to agree with you on Thane, and that one scene during the Citadel DLC with his son. Well I shed a few tears 😥

    Liked by 1 person

      1. He’s my favorite character hands down. I LOVE that kind of blunt attitude, even though I’m not blunt myself. I think I secretly wish I could be; have that “f**k all” attitude and not let anything really bother me. I’ve always loved characters like that, and Wrex genuinely doesn’t GAF (except about his family’s armor. That was really important…and well his species, but you get my meaning).

        Oh wait, yeah, that was Liara’s father! I forgot about that. I don’t know how asari genealogy works, but that would mean that Liara had a krogan grandfather? Probably not hehe.

        *sigh* ;_;

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Haha Be careful with blunt. It’s sometimes interpreted as “tactless.” Not that I know from experience or anything… But you’re right that Wrex is a stronger “character” because of his attitude.

          She did! She’ll even comment to… Grunt?… that she’s one-quarter krogan after she finds out! haha

          Liked by 1 person

  2. My female gay Shepherd has been with Liara from the start. It’s odd though, now I’m playing through ME2 again I don’t really like ‘Information Broker Liara’ as much as how she was as a Prothean Archeologist. Also, despite my lesbian nature, I really love the character of Thane. There is just something beautiful in his nature that I admire.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She’s a solid partner, for sure. My issues aside, I think she and Shepard are a very cute couple! You’re right that she gets a little intense as an information broker and loses some of that naivety from the first game.

      You’re in good company about Thane. I absolutely agree 🙂

      I’m so glad you stopped by, and thanks for commenting! Hopefully you’ll come by again soon!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Dear Agony Aunt Athena,

    My Mass Effect romance status is freaking complicated!! Help!!

    It all started in Mass Effect 1. I wasn’t interested in romancing anyone, although I was super flattered Kaidan and Liara threw themselves at me. But… Liara and Garrus were really cool to talk to and I loved them like family by the time Saren was pwned (oh and sorry Kiaidan… Ashley was more interesting).

    Then Mass Effect 2 happened. I paid a freaking premium to spend extra time with Liara. It was worth every penny, but damn, that time should’ve been included in my original space adventure. After the Shadow Broker was downed, Liara came back to the ship briefly. We had a wonderful emotional chat, she gave me back my tags, and then we had a beautiful bear hug moment. I didn’t want to let her go, and I almost cried when she had to leave. Later, Thane sounded like a decent drell so we had a little thing. We held hands and he called me “Siha” a lot, and yeah that was nice, but the overly dramatic scene at the end of the game was meh to me. We just ended up having a nap instead of the implied sexy time scene, thank you very much.

    Mass Effect 3 was amazing!! Liara was always by my side and we had each other’s back all the time. We talked about life, worked tirelessly on our mission to save the galaxy, hugged a lot, and I’ll never forget the beautiful BFF goodbye meld before I stupidly chose to synthesize myself (the Reapers apparently got to me… oops). I’ll always miss Liara. We’ve been through so much together. And OMG, Citadel DLC moments… swoon!

    Then I was reincarnated as this pink-haired Ryder lady. I ended up with some native Andromeda galaxy species dude named Jaal. He was cool! Loved how talked about emotions and how much he loved his huge family. He was totally fine with the fact I didn’t want a sexy time scene to happen (didn’t really want that kiss to happen either, but it was okay), and we planned to have a big beautiful family after the mission was complete. His mom also approved of me and sent me a bunch of funny emails. It was sweet!!

    A trophy problem caused me to become a blonde-haired dude named Snow Ryder. I had a cute and tasteful thing with Gil (OMG the pillow talk scene was adorable!), but going the Peebee route resulted in a horrifying (to me) scene that I couldn’t skip… and can never unsee *shudders*

    I… miss Liara… did I mention that? Will BioWare ever make that special super BFF bond I had with Liara an official romance arc in any future games? That would be so amazing!! Maybe it would help anyone else out there who doesn’t know that it’s okay if they don’t like sexy time scenes, ya know? Power to those that do enjoy those things though! More people need to see that love without sex exists too, even if it’s not their thing.

    -The Hopeless Demiromantic

    P.S. – Don’t even get me started on my Dragon Age romance problems. Sigh…

    (Also, d’aww to all the relationships you talked about in your post. I kinda want to see how the Jack one plays out now, haha)

    Liked by 1 person

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