Mass Effect Month: Day 18 – Fancy Meeting You Here

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Mass Effect Month, Day 18: Who is your favorite NPC that isn’t a crewmate?

I’d have to go with this asari:

Image result for aria t'loak

Aria T’Loak, the supreme ruler of Omega. There are a number of reasons I really like Aria, one of which is that she is voiced by Carrie-Ann Moss, who played Trinity in The Matrix. Although she might be heartless mercenary, Aria is far from heartless, though. Sure, she’s a bit miffed after her rule is usurped, and drags poor, unsuspecting Shepard into the mess of trying to take it back for herself, but in a way, she’s sort of like a big scary guard dog: ferocious to enemies, but unwavering ally to friends.

One little detail about her that I really liked was if, after Shepard befriends her, she gets drunk in Afterlife and passes out, she does wake up in a dirty bathroom, but rather on a couch next to the watchful Aria, who doesn’t judge, but just sits and gives a little smile as Shepard regains consciousness.

Related image

Apparently, Shepard is more than just a useful tool, for her to go out of her way to watch her and protect her

Another aspect of her personality I didn’t truly appreciate until playing Mass Effect: Andromeda is that she’s not a controlled, cool-headed, and objective asari like we’ve come to expect. Suddenly PeeBee doesn’t seem as much of an outlier as she first seemed. So it makes me wonder where all these rash, hotheaded asari are hiding.

Oh, and she’s not above a meaningless fling with Shepard, either, so that’s always a fun time.

Image result for aria romance

What did you think of Aria? Did you play the Omega DLC? Did you like it? Do you think she’s more loyal to Shepard than she lets on? Who is your favorite non-companion NPC? Let me know in the comments!

I should go,
~ Athena

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  1. This is absolutely cheating, but I really like Liara during her Shadow Broker arc in Mass Effect 2. I liked her better then than I did when she was a playable character. Started to see some real edge to her, while being conflicted by her previous life and her commitments to Shepard. I read the comics leading up to that, too, which did really add a lot of depth to her character. Was one of my favorite stretches with any character in Mass Effect.

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    1. She’s technically not a crewmate in Mass Effect 2, so I’d say it’s fair game. I liked her character development across the Shadow Broker arc, as well. I haven’t read the comics (I know), but it seems like they took her in a much deeper direction, from starry-eyed scientist to badass info broker. I always appreciate when they give a character a little more depth!

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  2. Aria seemed pretty cool. A “bad” person who worked with Sheppard was a nice angle. Had no idea Carrie Anne Mosse voiced her though, that’s awesome!

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  3. I didn’t get a chance to play the Omega DLC (read: I’m not buying it… gotta draw the DLC line somewhere). But I thought Aria was a badass in the main games. I’ll never forget her saying “Don’t f@!$& with Aria” 😎 And yep, I laughed pretty hard when my Shepard woke up on her couch after drinking way too much, haha. And flings, huh… tee hee. 😛

    For me, I’m going to say Matriarch Aethyta. She is so badass and I love her blunt, sarcastic attitude. “Thanks for taking care of that crazy guy. Save me having to beat him to death with his own spine. That makes the other customers nervous.” 😂

    Oh and looks like I missed her part in Mass Effect 3 somehow. 😦 Damn Reapers! Is she Liara’s father? I think I read that somewhere…


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