Vital Stats

“Playing video games isn’t about escaping reality. It’s about understanding it and creating it for ourselves.”

Name: Athena Veta
Birth year: 9:04 Dragon
Class: Rogue
Power: >9000
Blood Type: O
Favorite genres: Adventure, RPGs, and anything story-driven
Strengths: Story analysis, psychology of characters, and details details details
Weaknesses: Fangirling

Bio: A quiet and thoughtful game enthusiast, Athena has spent most of her life enjoying a variety of video games and consoles, starting on her brother’s NES. Seeking neither fame nor fortune, Athena only writes to share her love for games and to spark intelligent conversations around them, their themes, and how they reflect our lives in the physical world.
And if you ever wanted a deeper look into Athena’s head (because who wouldn’t?), you can check out her fanfiction here in the Archive of Our Own beta.
Still not enough? Send her a tweet at @TheAmbiGamer, and check out her Let’s Plays over at AmbiGaming on YouTube!

badgerinabowtieName: BadgersAndBowties
Class: Warrior
House: Hufflepuff
Doctor: 11th
Alignment: Neutral Good
Strengths: Gameplay Critique, Drooling Over Graphics, Brute Force Melee, and Pinterest Projects
Weaknesses: Stealth + Infiltration
Side Quests: Tabletop Games, Worker Placement, Deckbuilding, and Cosplay

Backstory: BadgersAndBowties started her adventure by button mashing on old school arcade games and losing to her brothers in all-things-console-gaming. Those losses didn’t get her down however (well, not for long anyway), and she continued her epic quest to defeat her arch nemesis [[annoying older brother]] in literally any game at all. She thought she had completed her journey the day she finally gained victory in Battle Tanx on N64, but she realized that was only the tip of the iceberg. There were so many people to save, places to explore, and enemies to destroy. Thus she started her new journey of catching every Pokemon playing every game she could get her hands on. Now, BadgersAndBowties spends her time enjoying strategic game play, joining rebel causes, dual wielding weapons, and passively adulting.

lightningName: “Lightning” Ellen
Intolerant of: Intolerance
Fluent in: Canadian English (eh!) and Auto-correct
Favourite Character: Lightning Farron
Favourite Weather Event: Lightning
Dream Occupation: Pirate (YARR!!) and/or lottery winner
Zodiac signs: Capricorn Dragon

The human woman behind the username LightningEllen has been clinging onto video games as a coping mechanism since the tender age of 5. It was under difficult circumstances when a video game controller first landed in her hands, but video games have been a large and wonderful part of her life ever since. In her eyes, no other form of media has the power to bring us into another wold, make us forget about our problems in the real world, and allow us to become the world saving heroes we always dreamed of. With no brand loyalties and a drive to obsessively collect ALL the systems and the games, LightningEllen pretty much has everything but no time to really play anything. When she’s not gaming, LightningEllen has a steady job in the telecommunications industry, enjoys babbling on the internet, and is secretly scheming to become a multibillionaire CEO of her very own company someday.