AmbiGaming Philosophy

Have you ever played a game and felt that it reached you on a deeper level? Did you ever finish a video game and sit back, thinking that what you had just experienced was so relevant to your life? Do you reach to play a video game during your free time, and wonder why it’s this medium, and maybe not another, that you love so much?

Video games don’t exist in a vacuum, and many games house relevant societal and psychological themes that can be harnessed and used in the physical world. Games pull us in, asking us to experience and understand these secrets. AmbiGaming is striving to unlock those hidden trophies for game enthusiasts to enjoy and understand, and is seeking transform the role of video games to beyond that of “simple” entertainment. This is a site committed to analyzing games in order to elevate recognition of them to a respected medium outside of the gaming world – the medium we as game enthusiasts already know it to be.

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What We “Do” and What We “Don’t”

We believe that video games are about the relationship between the player and the game world, and between the game world and the physical world. As such, we love playing games and not only writing reviews, but also analyzing themes found in the games in relation to real-world concepts in fields like psychology, sociology, and even theology. We do write an occasional opinion piece, particularly on happenings in the industry, although our primary focus is and will always be the games and their effects on the players.

We also believe in providing quality content in an advertisement-free space. AmbiGaming Corner is also place where people of every color, creed, and walk of life can feel welcome, and where we are all unified because of our love of video games.

We believe in being civil to one another, even when in disagreement. Any comments that are derogatory or personally insulting toward another human being will be either deleted or edited into a nonsensical sentence by the administrator at her discretion.

We believe in the power of community, and enjoy collaborating with other video game enthusiasts for multi-article projects and guest-posting.

We do not believe in affiliated advertising. AmbiGaming Corner is advertisement-free, and runs on the generosity of our friends and our patrons, whom we love very much.

We also do not believe in linking or affiliating ourselves with organizations or causes that don’t align with our values or mission, or to services that we would not use ourselves.

Of course, the most important of these is that we all believe that video games are a viable medium, deserving to be elevated to the level of respect they deserve.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you soon!
~ Athena Veta