AmbiGaming Philosophy

Have you ever played a game and felt that it reached you on a deeper level? Did you ever finish a video game and sit back, thinking that what you had just experienced was so relevant to your life? Do you reach to play a video game during your free time, and wonder why it’s this medium, and maybe not another, that you love so much?

Video games don’t exist in a vacuum, and many games house relevant societal and psychological themes that can be harnessed and used in the physical world. Games pull us in, asking us to experience and understand these secrets. AmbiGaming is striving to unlock those hidden trophies for game enthusiasts to enjoy and understand, and is seeking transform the role of video games to beyond that of “simple” entertainment. This is a site committed to analyzing games in order to elevate recognition of them to a respected medium outside of the gaming world – the medium we as game enthusiasts already know it to be.

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~ Athena Veta