The Tip Amphora

We work for coffee and comments here at AmbiGaming, and so are always grateful for your generosity. Sometimes you might like something we write, but a monthly contribution isn’t what you’re looking for. Sometimes you just want a quick, one-and-done way to say, “Great! Do more of this!”

And so we have the Tip Amphora just for you.

All donations are gratefully accepted, and will go to site maintenance and other gaming purchases that will keep us running and able to bring you more of the content you love (and maybe even be more up-to-date with some of the games we play!)

Of course, all of our donors will be listed on the Aegises of AmbiGaming page, under our new “Patrons of the Parthenon” delineation.

Donation Level: Obol

A small bit of spare change just to show your support. Thank you!


Donation Level: Drachma

Ah… Enough to buy us a cup of coffee and keep those home fires burning.


Donation Level: Mina

A truly generous patron! Thank you; you've not only bought us a cup of coffee, but also taught us how to brew, as it were.


Donation Level: Talent

Support to rival that of Pericles! Such generosity only comes from those with the most open of hearts (and most balanced of wallets). …and let’s face it. I can use all the talent I can get… */Ancient Greece pun*


Thank you for your generous donations!

Hoping to see you soon,