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Hi guys,

Happy Friday! What a week…

I’m almost done (I think) with Shadow of Mordor, and I’m overall very impressed with not only its mechanics but how well it wove itself into the Lord of the Rings lore. I don’t want to geek out too much at the moment, but I am much more satisfied with how it fits between the two stories (The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings) than I was with how, say, The Force Unleashed fit itself in between the two Star Wars trilogies. The writers obviously have a very good understanding of the lore, and, like with the three Hobbit movies, delved into the information from The Silmarillion, which earns anyone huge props from me just for opening and trying to process that book. There are a few things that I think the game did really well to fit in this niche, and I’ll be going into that in more depth in and upcoming post.

In other news, I’ve finally pulled Spec Ops: The Line off of my “to-play” pile. I’ve never really been into shooters or war-based games (hence why I’m playing it four years after it was released), but I’m actually really impressed with the storyline,as anyone who played the game since 2012 could tell you. It makes a very good study of war and psychology, so be on the lookout for some psychological profiling down the line (my favorite!!)

On a little more serious note, I’ve unfortunately been hit with a lot of real life stuff recently, so my usual schedule of posting two times per week on somewhat research-heavy topics is not something I’ll be able to continue at the moment. I’ll still be posting each week (on Wednesdays), but with my thesis and other things going on I’ll have to pull back on the number of posts per week. I still want to be able to write informed articles about video games and their relationships to the physical world, since that’s why you all stop by (at least I hope so!!!), so the extra time between postings will help me out and keep the quality/depths of my posts the same as its been (or maybe improve it. You never know.).

Anyway, thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a fabulous weekend, and see you Wednesday!

–Athena Tseta

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