VGC Day 10: It’s the Best!

AmbiGaming continues its “30 day” video game challenge! Missed a couple days? You can catch up here.

As we all know, there are so many wonderful games available nowadays, built on the shoulders of the giants who came before. So, today’s question is:

Day 10: What game has the best gameplay?

Gosh, based on what? Story? Mechanics? Controls?

Of course I think the stories from Dragon Age are detailed and epic, with some impressive nods to real life politics and religions, even pagan ones. But… here are a few “bests,” in an attempt to spread the love. Please note that these are games that I’ve either played or seen a Let’s Play for, so games like Uncharted 4 and other very recent games are not in the running.

Best Story Development

Gone Home did a fantastic job leading the player through a story without obviously taking the player’s hand and leading them, even though the player was free to explore the house in which the game takes place.

The Unfinished Swan is a fantastically simple game of a boy entering a magical word after his mother dies, wielding nothing but a magic paintbrush that lobs black paint onto a white canvas in order to expose the environment and the story. It’s an interesting and beautiful journey as Monroe, the young boy, deals with the death of his mother and navigates his way through this painting in order to discover his path home – wherever that may be.


A Firelit Room is also an interesting text-based game. It’s a slowly unfolding game that meticulously sets up a unique experience during which, once you realize what’s going on, your entire perspective on the story drastically changes and you realize that you may not be the character you thought you were.

Best Controls

Shadow of Mordor. I’ve been spoiled to the nth degree by the responsiveness of these controls.


Best (Interesting) Mechanics

I’ve talked about Remember Me, which presented a temporally-based combat system and the fantastically unique memory rewriting mechanic, but unfortunately had some flaws that overshadowed its interesting story.

I’d also put Life is Strange into this category, as well, for similar reasons: you can rewind time and experience alternate realities, and experience the butterfly effect first-hand. And of course the final choice was difficult to say the least, if not completely unexpected.

Image result for life is strange

And Dragon Age: Inquisition presented players with the War Table, a fascinating mechanic that enabled you to send out your Inquisition peeps to do your bidding either through force, connections, or espionage. While I usually would prefer “doing” in a video game instead of “seeing,” the War Table added an interesting flavor to politicking within the game. It went something like this:

good right necessary.png

…although it usually sounded like this:

Image result for war table inquisition punch it

So yeah.

There you go! A few “best gameplays” out there 🙂

What game do you think has the best gameplay? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you soon!
~ Athena



  1. Best gameplay! That’s a very difficult one. Tons of ways to look at it, so you breaking it into sections makes sense. Overall though, I might argue for a game that has plenty of individual aspects to it to prevent the core gameplay from becoming stale. Either that or one that has so many ways to handle its core gameplay that each play of it becomes different in its own right (even better if it is continually updated). I would suggest Space Rangers 2 for the former (wasn’t a fan myself but there’s so much variation in the styles of play!) and Diablo 3 for the latter (over 2 due to the continual updates).

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  2. That’s a really tough question because gameplay is really contingent on what kind of game you’re playing. Like I wouldn’t expect a puzzle game to play like an RPG or vice versa. My thinking of gameplay would be what game exemplifies the concept for its particular genre/game type. For RPGs the first game that honestly comes to mind is Chrono Cross. I love the seamless battle scenes (even though I don’t mind the random battles of its Final Fantasy brethren). It was the headliner for later battle systems and will always stand out as exemplary.

    For puzzle games I like it simple and I’d say our mutual love for The Impossible Game shines through here. It’s maddening, but there’s only one control and a whole lot of patience and repetition. However, I have played more complex puzzle games that have excellent gameplay like The Adventures of Lolo 3. The concept is so simple, yet the various factors (enemies and terrain) make it an amazing brain game.

    I’ll have to think about some of the other genres!

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    1. Those are some great examples. Chrono Cross was definitely an influential game in its genre! And you’re right that different games/genres require different types of play, so it’s tough to compare them all to each other… Thanks for chiming in about some of the genres I missed:)

      And yes, if you think of more, definitely let me know!

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      1. I’m really trying to think of a platform game. I keep going back to Mario because it’s one of the first famous platformers, but I think if I had to pick, I’d go with SMB2, because you had your choice of characters with different abilities, which made it more accessible to more players!

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  3. So many more games I need to play… Great post though 🙂

    That’s a really, really tough question! I could ramble about a plethora of amazing games I’ve had the privilege of playing over the years. When I need to pick something though, I always go with my badass idol’s game: Final Fantasy XIII. I loved the story, which introduced me to said character. The combat was very polished and simply fun. It didn’t bother me at all that the path through the game was very linear. I found the whole game very enjoyable.

    Oh and also EVERY Zelda game, especially Ocarina of Time, haha.

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    1. Glad to help 😉

      Yeah this was a tough one, because there are so many different games and genres. You’ve reminded me I need to check out FF13, as you tend to 🙂 And yes, Zelda games usually have some great gameplay and mechanics!

      You mean Skyward Sword’s 1:1 movement controls don’t take the top spot in your Zelda favorites??

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      1. I love it but the internet hates it. Approach the FFXIII trilogy with caution, lol.

        I’m not gonna lie, I almost rage quit Skyward Sword when I was learning how to “bomb roll”. I loved the game after I got use to the controls.

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  4. Having played so many games over the years, my answers are prone to change depending upon my mood on any given day. But I’d probably go Parasite Eve or Vagrant Story for story development, Super Mario Bros. 3 and Halo for controls, and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and Titanfall 2 for mechanics.

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    1. Thanks for your comment! Yeah this was a tough question to answer, because there are a lot of games that have great gameplay, and once you start factoring in different genres, how do you really compare them?

      But those are some great games, too! I haven’t played Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time but I’ve heard that its mechanics are very smooth and the controls are responsive.


  5. I love the way Life is Strange works its mechanics in to the story and adventure game setting. It’s done so cleverly that I wish more games used time travel specifically like that, haha. This is a tough question, and I think you did a good job handling it by splitting up your answers into different categories. Overall, I love the gameplay of 2D Mario games, specifically Super Mario World. The physics of Mario’s jump and speed in the 2D setting are perfect, and that’s my favorite iteration of it. But otherwise, it’s hard to choose just because there are games of all kinds of genres that have great gameplay.


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