VGC Day 14: Wallpapers

Welcome back to our 30 day video game challenge! If you’d like to catch up with the other days, clickΒ here.

Today, the video game challenge wants to know:

Day 14: What is your current (or most recent) gaming wallpaper?

I tend to not change my wallpaper all that often, so this is the one I’ve had for the longest time:

deal with it.jpg

It seems fitting πŸ™‚

What about you? Do you have a game-themed wallpaper?

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you soon!

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  1. the most recent wallpaer I’m using is the FF7 remake 30th anniversary wallpaper. I tend to have my desktop cycle through several different wallpapers so I’m often taking some out of the rotation and adding new ones

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    1. Very cool! The FF7 remake seems to have some really awesome wallpapers/screenshots out already.

      Yeah I always mean to rotate, but I usually wind up getting “stuck’ on one or another at some point… πŸ™‚


  2. Your wallpaper is really badass! πŸ™‚

    I’ll just let you guess who is on my personal phone, work phone, home computer, and work computer wallpaper, haha.

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  3. Oh goodness…I have a LOT of gaming wallpapers, a different one for each device hehe. For my desktop I have a picture of Sephiroth with his real mom Lucrecia from (FFVII). I forget what they call it, but it’s the actual graphics of the characters (from the game’s AMVs) so it looks like a still/screenshot from an actual movie. I follow the person who does them on Deviant Art and I’m just awed by how anyone can do things like this.

    I have a different wallpaper for my phone and another one for my Kindle, but, er, they’re both pictures of Sephiroth (I have a problem/crush). I have this weird rule where I refuse to have the same picture on multiple devices, and so far, I’ve been able to abide by it πŸ™‚

    I love your picture btw. “Deal with it” memes are some of my favorite, because the character always looks like such a bad ass.

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    1. Wow! That’s cool that all your devices match thematically. And I know exactly what you’re talking about, but can’t remember the name, either. That sounds like a really cool graphic, though!

      And thanks. It seemed very “Morrigan,” and the “deal with it” memes are always good for a chuckle haha

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      1. It’s just because I’m an FFVII/Sephiroth dork :p I have a ton of pictures of him so I figure there’s no reason I can’t have multiple ones on different devices. Work is the only place I don’t do this because I’m super shy and don’t let just anyone know about my obsessions. I have the northern lights as a background there πŸ™‚

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        1. That’s cool, too, though! When I had a computer at work I had one of those “Do all the things!” memes. It was a hit with my clients haha. And on the TA computer at school we put one of those “doge” memes… “such grad school” “very work” “wow”…

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  4. I used to have gaming wallpapers! I don’t anymore, but my favorite old wallpaper was one of the Antiquity era area from Chrono Trigger. It’s so beautiful in wallpaper form. If I were to have a current gaming wallpaper, it’d surely be anything from Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The game is like a moving painting, and even screenshots would be perfect for my computer. My wife’s current wallpaper is Final Fantasy XV, so I see that a lot when I use her computer, haha.

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    1. Ah, Chrono Trigger… πŸ™‚ Sometimes those older games really did have nice vistas. And of course now I completely agree that games can look like paintings (or photographs), so there are a lot of beautiful pieces to choose from (or look at haha).

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