VGC Day 17: Livin’ the Game

Welcome back to our 30 day video game challenge! If you’d like to catch up with the other days, click here.

Today, the Video Game Challenge prompts us:

Day 17: Post a picture of a game setting you wished you lived in.

Well, there’s here:

Image result for the dales inquisition

I actually really like being out in nature, and even just seeing this picture makes me smile. I used to imagine that I was able to live out “in the wild” and in harmony with nature, so the Dales in Thedas would definitely fit that bill.

Or then there’s here:

Image result for zelda castle twilight princess

So, Hyrule can have some rotten luck, but look at this property! Zelda’s castle from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is gorgeous. Plus, the folks in Hyrule seem so nice, if a little strange. Plus, I think it would be wildly fun to share a living space with the woman who has the Triforce of Wisdom. Imagine the discussions!

Of  course, then there’s also:

Image result for Sim Tower

I loved playing Sim Tower, and always designed efficient, friendly, and clean ones that I wouldn’t mind living in. Although city life isn’t really for me, as I’d miss trees (see first entry).

And my last possible home destination might be:

black flag.jpg

What’s not to like? Sandy beaches, palm trees, and… well… You all know how much I like big boats. I cannot lie. So while I might not want to meet a “real” pirate, Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag certainly makes a case for living near those waters!

What about you? Which video game world would you want to live in, if you could? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you soon!
~ Athena

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  1. Skyrim, if it only didn’t have dragons, vampires and perpetual civil war. Just let me chop wood, hunt deer and worship Talos without those pesky elves persecuting me.

    Or maybe Planet Hylis from Beyond Good & Evil? It would be like living inside a Franco-Belgian comic book. Most characters must be fun and parties and Jade definitely needs a boyfriend like me (would I dare to date an alien abomination with superpowers, though?).

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Actually, it’s like real life. I’m really content with my life and the place I live in now, but would be a real paradise without traffic, pollution, gangs, etc. I guess I’m like the Dovahkiin complaining about dragons 😀

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  2. I’ve always said if I was going to live in any video game world it would be FFIX in the city of Lindblum’s Theatre District. There are cable cars that can zip you from district to district, and the world of FFIX is of the story of steampunk/Victorian variety, which is pretty sweet.

    I’m also quite fond of the Citadel…when it’s not being attacked by reapers hehe. The Mass Effect universe in peacetime would definitely find me there.

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    1. Looked up the Lindlum Theater District – wow! I would definitely enjoy staying there, as well.

      I can see the draw of the Citadel. I’m not sure I’d be okay with all the artificial everything, though… But just the thought of living on a space station like that is amazing!!

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  3. I chose the world of AC: Black Flag as somewhere I’d like to live as an answer to a blog award question.

    Admittedly, it was mostly because of the opportunity to get my swashbuckle on, but still, it wouldn’t be the worst place live – even without the swashbuckling!! 😉

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  4. hmmm, so many things come to mind, Abzu would be nice since I’m fond of oceans and the life that dwells there. Mass Effect for space traveling and just being on a big ship, always been a fantasy of mine. Hell even Harvest Moon from SNES, given virtually I did live their, advanced my career as a farmer and raised a family back on the SNES.

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  5. “You all know how much I like big boats. I cannot lie.” That made me laugh, a lot. Please make a full parody of this song 🙂

    I’d want to live in the Sunleth Waterscape area of FFXIII. It’s a very beautiful forest area. I also wouldn’t mind living in Ocarina of Time Hyrule, as long as I get the Triforce before Ganon.

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      1. If you’re implying, which I think you are, that I want to overthrow Zelda and take her castle, you’re totally wrong. Really! I swear…

        You should! I’d like to request an overall Assassin’s Creed Black Flag theme if you do 🙂

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  6. Wow, that castle! Definitely also have to go with Hyrule, especially after Breath of the Wild. I just want to live and breathe in that wonderful world, and it would be especially great to live in that castle, haha. 😉

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