Mass Effect Month: Day 8 – Left Behind

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Mass Effect Month, Day 8: Who is your least favorite companion character?

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Poor Jacob Taylor.

I wanted to like him. I really, really did. He had an interesting backstory, was a good soldier, and had Shepard’s back from the moment he met her, but man… he had about as much personality as a piece of toast.

As if that wasn’t enough, I really didn’t like how Shepard always sounded like she was flirting with him. I mean, that’s cool if you like Jacob, but I was on the other side of the controller pulling my hair out watching her talk to him. It was like watching a friend fawn all over a guy you know isn’t good for them but you can’t stop them.

Oh, and then Mass Effect 3 happened. If you romanced him, he couldn’t even wait 6 months for you before he ran off and got another woman pregnant.

Image result for shepard talking to jacob
What happened to “You and I are gonna take some time,” Jacob?!

Class act, Jacob. Class. Act.

Anyway, he really is a good soldier, and all jokes aside I do respect him for his work ethic, but once I had my guys Thane and Garrus on board poor Jacob was often left behind on the Normandy.

Who was your least favorite companion character? What didn’t you like about him/her? Have I been to hard on poor Jacob? Let me know in the comments!

I should go,
~ Athena

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  1. Jack. I often found her attitude insufferable and her recruitment mission was one of the first things that made me become more critical of ME2. I rarely play a character that actually would agree to essentially purchase a slave from a prison and, furthermore, Shepard always (you have no control over their actions, even though the game later chastises you for it) decides to release thousands of the galaxy’s worst criminals in order to get her.

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    1. Really? That’s fair; she can definitely be abrasive. I wonder if the game does it on purpose,sort of to make you question whether or not it was “worth it.” I mean… Shepard is working for a human supremacy/sometime terrorist group, so maybe it was supposed to show that “following orders” didn’t mean that everything was just going to be okay. But I can see how that mission can seem very unfair!

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  2. Oh, so many posts to catch up on! I’ll just have to start here, and I agree with you that Jacob is about as uninteresting an ME character as you can get. But I think EDI the robot in ME3 edges him out a little. She’s just not that interesting a character, and I think she could have been. It’s sad that she’s little more than a pretty ploy for Joker. And her dialogue once she becomes “human” is just bad, goofy even, at points.

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    1. Glad you’re jumping in 🙂

      EDI is an interesting choice. I can see that. I guess I always saw her as the “non-human” character, like from Star Trek, who was there to comment on humanity. Plus, her desire to become human/figure out who she is was pretty fascinating to me.

      But yeah, that dialogue was a little forced, to say the least…


  3. Yeah, Jacob is my least favorite as well. He’s just so boring to me, to the point that thinking back on Mass Effect, I completely forget that he was there. Did not have a whole lot going for him.

    I also spent the longest time hating on Miranda. Her character can work, if it were handled better, but I resented the how much focus the creators spent on trying to convince me about how great and perfect and effective she was and how nice of a butt she had, while she was also emblematic of the more problematic portions of ME2’s plot. I softened up on her when I had a character romance her, but even then, still not my favorite.

    And Zaeed Messani is really poorly implemented for a DLC character, and I take it personally that he won’t be loyal to a paragon Shepard unless they make an out-of-character decision. That’s not a bad writing move, it does fit with him, but that sticks in my mind.

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    1. Aw, I actually liked Miranda. She’s a total jerk sometimes, but I sort of liked the juxtaposition of us being told how perfect she is and then seeing that she is, in fact, only human. With or without nice butt.

      I did not like Zaeed, nor his mission, for the reasons you said, even though it does fit with his character. Again, a pretty fascinating writing choice, in my opinion! But I still didn’t like him haha

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  4. Gonna have to go with James Vega here. His overly macho attitude did not sit right with me at first. But I grew to like the big guy over the course of Mass Effect 3 (especially when my Shepard worked out with him in the Citadel DLC… I did all those chin ups and was disappointed there was no real reward, haha). I don’t hate him… he’s just my least favourite companion. 🙂

    He also needs to stop calling me Lola because that song by The Kinks keeps getting stuck in my head…

    🎵She walked up to me and she asked me to dance
    I asked her name and in a dark brown voice she said, “Lola”
    L-O-L-A Lola, lo lo lo lo Lola🎵

    See! 😂

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