Year of the RPG: Skyrim – Letter 1

The Codex: Online

Some time ago, I received a letter from an adventurer named Khalim, who has made his way to Skyrim in search of his sister, Najwa. She was kidnapped from her home in Hammerfell by an assassin of the Dark Brotherhood and Khalim has vowed to find her – whatever the cost.

Khalim has asked for my help in his search. As a Companion to Athena in the Year of the RPG, and as an old friend of Khalim’s father, I have decided to help the young Redguard in his efforts to find his sister.

I have already received a second letter from Khalim, and with it he has included some crude art of the things he’s seen and the people he’s met as well as what may-be the first #SkyrimSelfie ever taken. Once I have had the proper time to study the letter, I will share it here on…

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