A Letter From Inquisitor Ellen

Another adventurer sends us a letter for Year of the RPG! This time, it’s from a far-off land that even we weren’t expecting to hear from…

LightningEllen's Release

I did it! I beat Dragon Age Inquisition recently after 118+ hours of playing it. And yeah, at least 60 of those hours were spent wandering around and side questing… Oops. I also bought the Trespasser DLC, the first DLC I ever bought separately from a game. Haven’t started that yet… but soon!

Anyway, the point of this post is to sum up my Inquisitor’s journey through the main game. Athena over at AmbiGaming is doing a cool Year of the RPGproject so this will be in the format of a letter to the Goddess of Wisdom for that.

Also, MAJOR FREAKING SPOILER WARNING since I will be summing up the main game, complete with screenshots.

Now I need a moment to get into character – RAWR! DRAGONS, SMASH! Here we go.

Dearest Goddess of Wisdom,

The Inquisition has done it! Against all odds, we’ve stopped Corypheus and sealed the…

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