Samantha Traynor: The Character That Defines AmbiGaming

We were very honored to collaborate with Normal Happenings for the epic Characters That Define Us series! Come read a little about the character that most defines Athena…

Normal Happenings


We’re pairing 8-bit music thematically, rather than based entirely on series. You can find this track and more Tater-Tot Tunes on YouTube! Stop by and jam to some great tunes.


Normal Happenings is proud to present The Characters That Define Us, a year long collaboration of 52+ incredible bloggers!

We’d like to welcome one of the most creative, philosophical bloggers in the sphere! Today we’re honored to have AmbiGamer with us, and this is a blog you should always pay attention to whenever a new piece is released.

Despite being a newcomer to our collaborations, AmbiGaming has always been super supportive of Normal Happenings. We are grateful for their support over the years.

Without further delay, please share with us the character that defines you!


Being asked to define ourselves can be one of the most daunting questions to answer. As complex beings, we can describe ourselves by physical…

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  1. Just from reading the heading, I already thought I could see Samantha in you, but you really blew it away with your description in that post. That was a really thoughtful take on both the character as well as yourself. I really enjoyed reading that, thanks for stepping into it.

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