Dragon Age Month DLC – Being Classy

Welcome to Dragon Age Month! I had so much fun with Mass Effect Month, and it’s not a secret I love Dragon Age even more than I love Mass Effect, so this is a match made in the Golden City. Every Monday and Friday of this month we’ll be tackling a different question, so be sure to chime in with your own answers each day this month!

Day Three: What class do you play?

Those of you who have checked out my vital stats already know the answer to this one!

Image result for rogue symbol d&d

Rogue. Even if it’s not a Dragon Age game, you can bet I’m playing as close to a rogue as I can possible get. I like the more tactical aspect of playing as a rogue, and the fact that, in my mind, there are more options for combat insofar as you can’t (or at least probably shouldn’t), just run in with your swords out and shield bared.

I also like the idea of finding non-violent solutions to problems, and love watching my characters talk themselves out of confrontations. Also, I sometimes partake in the traps and various other fun things that rogues have at their disposal, which adds a nice tactical layer. Also dual-wielding weapons, and using distance weapons like bows. And so on and so forth. It is a comfortable class for me to play, and even when I’m not playing as a rogue, I’m secretly playing as a rogue.

Image result for solid snake in a box
Pictured: One of the greatest stealth operatives of all… where did he go?

Since I’ve been giving second-choices, I have to admit that regular sword-and-board warrior is my second choice, probably because that is generally a “class” that most games have you play as. I’m sure if I played any of the Dragon Ages on PC I’d like the mage class better, but for some reason I just couldn’t get my head around playing as a mage, and wound up playing them like some sort of sad ranger. I’ve gotten better, of course, but there you go.

Rogues all the way! Except when being a warrior. But yeah. Rogues.

Although, there was this one time I built my rogue to double-weird two longswords and wear medium armor, and she wound up being this bombastic force in the party who could pwn darkspawn and pick locks, so everyone else just could go home (haha). I’m not sure what that says about my ability to play as a rogue though, so….

What is your preferred class? What do you like about it? Is there a class that you tend to avoid? Let me know in the comments!

Dareth shiral,

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  1. I remember going for the mage class when I very briefly tried to get into DA:O, but in most things I’ll go roguish. I always tell myself I’ll try something different, but almost never do – pretty much every one of my Skyrim characters, even the ones who started out attempting to be tanky warriors, end up sneaky archers with a little bit of magic.

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    1. The mage class is my weakness – I’m so bad at it haha But especially if you’re playing on PC, the game really shines with a mage Warden! I love some good stealth, or being able to talk my way out of problems rather than beat my way out of them. Sneaky archers with a little bit of magic sounds like a fantastic build, and a lot of fun to play!

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    1. I love how they designed the archery mechanics in Inquisition! Origins was my first foray into RPGs, so all the different tactics for a rogue was so much fun figuring out (and I still am figuring them out. It seems like there is always more to tinker with in these games!).

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  2. Totally a rogue! I was a bit irked with 2 where it forced your character into that class to duel wield swords, had played a warrior duel wielding class in Origins and felt the restriction was slightly unnecessary but came to appreciate the trade off in strength to duel wielding.

    By Inquisition, my default first play through was rogue, switching between bow and two swords.

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    1. Team rogue! haha

      Yeah I was surprised by that in DA2, as well, but since I had played Origins as a dual-wielding rogue I wasn’t too bothered, especially when I saw how powerful the attacks were by comparison. There were a lot of character creation restrictions in DA2 that I’m not sure if they were purposeful design choices relating to Hawke, or just cut for time, unfortunatey.

      That’s a great build! I’m bashing through as a warrior right now, and I definitely miss the bow and swords from my first playthrough…


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