VGC Day 5: Guilty Pleasures

Welcome back to our continuing video game challenge! Hope you’ve been enjoying following along with our previous entries!

Day 4: What is your guilty pleasure game?

I thought about listing a game that I’m embarrassed to play, but then I remembered…


I unabashedly love this game. I’ve played it a bunch of times, including once as a marathon playthrough during which I tried to find all the secrets (which I still didn’t manage), a few times with other players online, and quite a bit by myself (or with friends on the couch). It’s the game I reach for when I want to play something but don’t want to be bogged down with choices and morality and combat. This is the game I go to when I just want to be inundated with stunning visuals and beautiful music. If I want to enjoy the game alone, I can; if I want to enjoy it alongside another player, I can do that, too.

It’s completely hedonistic, and I love every minute of it. I also love that the storyline is simple and fairly ambiguous, so you can take from it something that is important and meaningful to you.


, my guilty pleasure game is Dragon Age: Origins, which is a 60ish hour game that I’ve played an embarrassing amount of times, two and a half of which were back-to-back. So there’s that.


What game is your guilty pleasure? What about it makes it “guilty”?

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you soon!

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  1. Nothing embarrassing about either title, as they are both excellent and have plenty of replay value (Journey because it isn’t long whilst Dragon Age has tons of content/dialogue choices to explore.)

    My guilty pleasures tend to be titles with eye candy. Gal Gun and Senran Kagura are good fun, but not something I would play in public.

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      1. Haha. DOA Xtreme would probably be a guilty pleasure in my video game collection, but alas the latest game didn’t get localized. I wanted to import it for a laugh, but the price was too high for a joke purchase.

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  2. I can’t judge the Dragon Age Origins love. I played through Dragon Age II three times, immediately after each other, lol. I really need to make time for Origins. Backlog problems… You know how it is. *sighs*

    I guess my guilty pleasure is the Grand Theft Auto series. It feels so wrong being a criminal, but it’s just so much fun! 🙂

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    1. YES to playing Dragon Age: Origins. I will always be an enabler.

      I was actually a huge Grand Theft Auto fan up until IV. Something about that game really killed it for me, even though I loved The Ballad of Gay Tony. My favorite was probably Vice City. I haven’t played GTAV yet, but I hear it’s great, especially the heists.

      You’re right: sometimes being wrong feels so right!

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      1. I liked Niko Bellic, and cousin Roman. The two xpacs were good too. I had way too much fun dancing in Ballad of Gay Tony, lol. I can’t describe it, but I did find it lacked some of the GTA magic, somehow. San Andreas will always be my favourite but I loved Vice City too!

        Part of me wants to go steal a car now… 🙂

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          1. I remember one mission where Niko was in a huge gun battle, then Roman randomly calls and asks if he wants to hang out, haha.

            I love the Banshee but I’d settle for the Infernus if I found one.

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  3. I really enjoy FFVIII, but quite a few people have expressed their dislike for Squeenix’s eight foray into trying to complete the fantasy hehe. I personally don’t feel guilty, because I think it’s an excellent game like the majority of the series, but I’ve gotten that “look” from IRL friends when I talk about playing it. I especially love the card game, which IMHO is the best card game of the series (erm, between the two).

    I suppose the REAL guilty pleasure game would be this Black Eyes Peas based dance game. Oh….my…lord. It is NOT good, but I spent money on it, so I played it a few times. I liked at least one song, but the gameplay was nowhere near as good as other dance based games like DDR or Just Dance.

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    1. All that matters is that you like it! Let people give looks! haha I can’t say anything more intelligent about Final Fantasy VIII, but the heart wants what it wants, doesn’t it??

      A Black Eyed Peas dance game??? Haha that sounds amazing and awkward all at the same time! At least it had decent music?

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