VGC Day 7: Cutest Couple

More of our “30 day” video game challenge! If you’re just joining us, be sure to check out our previous entries!

Day 7: Who is your favorite game couple?

I think I’m going to open this up to non-romantic couples, as well, just for fun 🙂

Part 1. Best Romantic Couple
Solid Snake and Meryl Silverburgh from Metal Gear Solid Snake – Two equally tough and bad-ass characters, one who sees himself as a monster and one who sees past all that… It’s Beauty and the Beast all over again! I really liked that Meryl was never the damsel in distress and was integral to the story itself. Snake isn’t intimidated by that, and pushes himself to be a better man because of her example, not because he feels like he has to impress her. He even tells her his real name at the end of the game. Aww…

I also refuse to acknowledge Meryl’s marriage to Johnny in MGS4, because… (takes deep breath) I don’t think it’s very realistic. It’s Snake and Meryl, in my book!

Runners Up:
-Ico and Yorda from ICO – It’s never explicitly stated they are a romantic couple, but the deep connection between the two is unmistakeable
-Cloud and Tifa from Final Fantasy VII – Although Aeris is pretty amazing as well, I just liked the interaction between the two of these guys a little better
-Wander and Mono from Shadow of the Colossus – Because of its beautifully tragic ending

Part 2. Best Non-Romantic Couple
The Metal Gear Solid series is on the list again, with Solid Snake and Otacon. They make a great team from the very beginning of their relationship, and we can see that relationship blossom in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. By the time Guns of the Patriots came out, the two were acting like an old married couple. There’s something sweet about seeing tough, lone-wolf Snake have such a close friend (bro-mance?).

Runners Up:
-Alistair and unromanced (male or female) Warden in Dragon Age: Origins – I’m sorry! But unromanced, Alistair quickly becomes like a brother (or bromance) to the Warden, and the relationship seems very realistic and easy between them.
-Zelda and Midna from Twilight Princess – It’s obvious Zelda knew Midna from before all the madness descended upon Hyrule, as she recognizes and remembers Midna’s name the first time Link sees them together. And then, the Princess of Light gives up her life force in order to save Midna. Although they don’t get much screen-time together, their relationship is definitely deeper than what we see

Part 3. Best “Love Conquers All” Couple
Garrus and Shepard from the Mass Effect series. While I personally don’t understand how someone could be attracted to a guy that looks like a cross between a bug and a cat, I saw a Let’s Play with him as the main romance with Shepard, and despite other “consummation” scenes with other romance partners being somewhat raunchy at times (for a video game… blue alien butts and all that), the scene between Garrus and Shepard is surprisingly sweet. While it might not be possible to pursue a (traditional??) physical relationship, they decide to stay close and otherwise engage in an exclusive romantic relationship. There’s just something very sweet about that.


What about you? Who are your favorite video game couples? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you soon!

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  1. I’m nowhere near finishing it, but what I’ve played up until now in the Witcher 3 makes me feel like Geralt and Truss have a shit, depending how you play the game of course

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  2. I like Welkin x Alicia from Valkyria Chronicles. They first met when Alicia pointed a gun at him and he often describes her beauty by comparing it to insects. Can’t you feel the love?

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  3. A good friend of mine has shown me that Aeris is much better off with a Great, but misunderstood, General 🙂 So yes, Cloud and Tifa all the way! Please keep showing me how much awesomeness I’m missing from Mass Effect and MGS! It’s the only way I’ll finally get around to playing the games. For me:

    Part 1: Yuna and Tidus from FFX. They had such a special connection and the ending to that game almost made me cry like a baby.

    Part 2: Banjo and Kazooie. That cute bear and bird duo are a major highlight from my childhood. Together they brought down an evil witch, after dealing with many sarcastic NPCs.

    Part 3: Snow and Serah from Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy. I won’t go into spoilers, but they went through so much hardship to be with each other, with the help of Serah’s badass sister of course. 🙂

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  4. Great choices! I’ve always enjoyed Zidane and Garnet myself. For non-romantic, I like the partnership between Shovel Knight and Shield Knight. Unless that is romantic, in which case, I also pick that for my first option!

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  5. I’ve always been more on the Cloud and Tifa train as well, this is even before I started pairing Aeris with, er, someone else. Aeris had that unescapable destiny ahead of her. She was the Magic Pixie Dream Girl subverted since she’s actually the most important character in the game seeing as she saves them all. Tifa is the sweet “girl next door” type whom Cloud kind of ignores his feelings for. I know entire web pages have burned down from the Cloti shippers vs. the Clerith shippers, but that’s my two sense. To be honest, I don’t even like Zerith. Zack is WAY too much of a goody-two shoes and two characters like that together is just sooo boring hehe.

    Omg Garus is a cross between a bug and a cat LMAO. It’s true though. You’ve put into words what’s always been there. I always thought the turians were supposed to be falcon or bird like? The krogan look like a cross between a crocodile/alligator and a frog/toad. Speaking of Mass Effect I like an even weirder couple, though I don’t think it’s an option: Shepherd and Wrex. Not for the physical aspects, but personality-wise I just think they mesh. Wrex is the consummate warrior, and I love his dry sense of humor, but physically it wouldn’t work out…not that Garus and Shepherd would either in that aspect. I think I’d probably romance Liara if I ever played.

    It seems like I just babbled all over your post without answering the question hehe. I have to agree with you about Link and Midna though. Midna is my favorite Zelda character. Her true form at the end of Twilight Princess…I was just as speechless as Link.

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    1. You didn’t babble at all! I enjoy seeing everyone’s responses 🙂

      I can see what you mean with Wrex and Shepard, though. That would be an interesting relationship; I guess it would depend on what type of Shep you were playing?? And I definitely romanced Liara my first time around. It was… interesting. Once I get those Let’s Plays up and running (ha) I’m sure you’ll hear all about it haha.

      That’s interesting that you say turians are supposed to be like falcons or eagles, since the name “turian” is reminiscent of “Centurion,” which was a Roman army officer (and Romans used the eagle as one of their legion standards). This is especially interesting because turian society is very Roman in nature, as well (at least the war/militaristic aspects of it). Hm…

      Yes Link and Midna are an interesting pair, as well, although I’d love to see a follow-up of Zelda and Midna, too. How did they know each other??

      As always, I bow to your Final Fantasy knowledge!

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      1. You’re totally right; it’s the way Shepherd IS played. The Let’s Player I’m watching is going the paragon angle, and the first game he didn’t have Shep romance anyone, but be more interested in her military career. That’s why I could see her and Wrex.

        I…never even thought about that, but you’re absolutely right. Turians do have kind of a vibe to them, and I bet BioWare was, er, aware (lol omg I’m a dork…) of that when they named them. I love when companies don’t sleep on the symbolism.

        Maybe Zelda knew her as the sort of anti-Zelda, and I’m sure there are fanfiction out there that explore that in interesting detail! I’d love to know if there’s some canon information though.

        Ah thanks! *blush*

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  6. Didn’t Snake and Otacon adopt a kid together? That’s more than just friends. That’s something much different. Gets one of the other types of love going. That’s like… super duper best friends pinky swear, or something.

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