Let’s Play a Game!

I thought we’d do something a little different this week. If you’re up for it, I’d like you to look at the pictures and leave a comment with the first word you can think of to describe each character (no judgments, I’m actually just curious. This will help me tailor upcoming posts for you guys).


solid snake.png

What’s one word to describe him?

#2. bayonetta

What’s one word to describe her?

#3. miranda-lawson

What’s one word to describe her?

#4. cole-mcgrath

What’s one word to describe him?

Now, a second game to inform different posts. Again, use one word to describe each character below, and then tell me if you see any patterns or recurring themes across the six pictures (these can be anything, including color schemes, hair styles, poses, facial expressions, or anyth other pattern you might see).


Human noble


City elf


Dwarven commoner


Elven nobility


Dwarven prince


Human mage

Thanks for playing! I’m interested in seeing what you all think!

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you soon!
~ Athena



  1. Good morning! This is a great concept and I am happy to participate! 1) Fearless, 2) Graceful 3) Regal, 4) electric… 1. Confident, 2. Feral, 3. Fighter, 4. Wise, 5. Leader, 6.Sarcastic. Each of the 6 pictures in the second set seem to have very striking poses. Each character also has a blade whether it’s a dagger, knife or sword.

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  2. Ooh, I like this idea! I’ll play along. If I’m being truthful, most of my answers are boring nouns that just name the character because that’s literally the first thing to pop in my head. I could come up with adjectives, but if you want my accurate results, I just named the character, hahaha!

    1) Snake
    2) Bayonetta
    3) Gorgeous
    4) Electric

    For the second set:

    1) Petals (I’m so sorry about my answers!)
    2) Fierce
    3) Fierce (If this tells you anything about the similarity of the poses between 2 and 3…)
    4) Resolve
    5) Resolve (Darn! I did it again!)
    6) Pensive

    Hope this helps you! I think the similarities between my word choices for some of them speaks for itself!

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  3. Interesting idea you got here!
    I’ll try my best to devoid myself of any knowledge I have on these characters and just use the first word that pops to my mind when I look at the pictures.

    Sooo, here goes, first set of pictures;
    1) Firm; 2) Fancy; 3) Sexy; 4) Shocking – I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist this. * ahem * 4) Agile.

    Second set of pictures;
    1) Pride; 2) Rage; 3) Warning; 4) Vigilant; 5) Resolve; 6) Judgemental.

    In this set… The art style is the same in all of us, I suspect. They seem to be part of the same “thing”, I could be wrong though.

    Those are all Dragon Age characters, aren’t they? That artwork seems way too familiar to me!

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  4. Wait.. Is this a test? I’m rubbish at tests!

    Anyways, here goes:

    1. Hot (as in, heat, because of the outfit)
    2. Overdressed
    3. (weirdly) angular
    4. Menacing

    Next lot:

    1. Haughty
    2. Angry
    3. Also angry
    4. Stern
    5. Regal
    6. Cunning

    In terms of unifying features, I’d say they all look like they could be the art on the cover of pretty much any fantasy book (esp 80s and 90s editions) and/or boardgame!?

    Did I fail? I’ve failed haven’t I…..😉

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  5. I feel like I’m being tested (no pressure Ellen), but here it goes (I’m not crazy I swear!):
    Set 1
    1) Badass
    2) Amiibo
    3) Unknown
    4) Shocking

    Set 2
    1) Arrogant
    2) Vengeful
    3) Angry
    4) Handsome
    5) Warrior
    6) Scheming
    As for similarities, they all seem like they are from a fantasy novel and/or game I need to play at some point 🙂

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  6. Let’s do this! Alright….

    1. Battle-Ready (I may have cheated a little for that one.)
    2. Peacock.
    3. Subtle
    4. Electric

    Second group:
    1. Traditional
    2. Wronged
    3. Confrontational
    4. Elegant
    5. King-ly
    6. Poised

    I noticed that all the men in the second group had more ‘dignified’ poises. Like they were to be king or royalty or nobles. Where the women (except ONE) were in fight ready or felt like there were actually STORIES to their picture. (Man, that City Elf one hits home well because that was my first playthrough on DA:O) The human woman acted like the men. The elf woman and dwarven woman seem to have a reason and a story where as everyone else: Let’s pose! Not as enticing to play those in a pose.
    Also, the ones posing seem to have a weapon as decoration. The other two seem to have a need/use/can use for theirs. Way cooler.

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    1. Awesome responses! Thank you so much 🙂 Yeah, the DAO pictures are interesting to go through, and you definitely picked up a lot of details, which is great! (And you’re obviously a fan, which is also pretty cool 🙂 )

      Sorry for being so vague; I’m trying not to give anything away for other commenters! But thank you for your observations, and be on the lookout for the return of these pictures in a future post!

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      1. Awesome! Whoo! This shall be exciting. ^.^ After answering I looked at other responses and I was like “…. Well, I’m definitely different.” XD
        And yes… Definitely a DA fan! ❤ Oh DA4…. you are in my dreams. One day we shall get news and I get to continue my journey…. XD

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          1. For good reason! I want to save my friend Solas and help him see we can fix this without the end of all life besides elves. T.T (Well… My first playthrough he was a freind. Second was lover. XD)
            And I am excited we might see Dorian’s homeland. ;p

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            1. Man, I just wanted to shake him and be like, “Dude, things don’t have to go back to how they were *back then* to be good. It’s fine that the Dalish use vallaslin for religious reasons now. Also, if you don’t want the world to change without you, maybe don’t sleep for 1000 years.”

              Tevinter would be an interesting place to go! And I love Dorian 🙂 It would also be interesting to see how the whole Mythal/Fen’harel relationship works out – are they “also” Andraste/Shartan? Oh, the scandal… Ugh I need to stop haha

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  7. 1. Stealthy
    2. Sexy
    3. Bitchy
    4. Electric

    1. Arrogant
    2. Jealous
    3. Furious
    4. Pompous
    5. Honorable
    6. Heartless

    Pattern? All the guys look composed whilst the ladies are clearly miffed.

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  8. I just recently started reading this blog thanks to your fanfiction, and I sorta stumbled onto this one article, played the game and then checked the date (rme @ myself). Anyways, just in case it may still be useful:

    1) Ridiculous
    2) Ridiculous
    3) Confident
    4) Powerful

    1) Shifty
    2) Dangerous
    3) (Effing) dangerous
    4) Truthful
    5) Lawful
    6) Canny

    The noble dwarf and elf seem a bit impassible (and the human sort comes across as someone who tries to look impassible and ends up looking shifty and condescending), whereas the women, especially the city elf and the dwarf, are clearly reacting to an attack or threat. Also, there seems to be an interesting light and shadow play going on with the female characters, maybe to highlight the drama of their scenes?

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    1. Hey, welcome! Glad to see you over here! 🙂 You’re right on time; I haven’t written my follow-up article yet, so I appreciate you playing and sending your thoughts along!

      I’ve been enjoying everyone’s interpretations, and yours are no exception! That’s a really cool observation about the lighting. I definitely think there are some more shadows in some pictures than in others… hm…

      Hope to see you around some of the other articles. There are some other Dragon Age ones floating around, too, if that’s your interest 😉


      1. Hi and thanks for the welcome! Glad I am not late for once 😀

        I did check other articles out (I particularly enjoyed the one about soundtracks), but they require a well thought-out response. I will get to them, but since English is my second language, I thought to myself “let’s start commenting on the one that’s a game and work from there”.

        That said, the articles I read were excellent. I only decided to pace myself because there are only so many hours in the day and I need to finish an essay.


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        1. No worries! Glad you liked the one about soundtracks 🙂 It’s a pet interest of mine! (…one of them…) haha

          And all manners of schoolwork definitely come first. Everything will still be here when you have time, so there’s no rush 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you again!

          Cheers to you, as well!


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