Blogger Blitz – First Round Recap

Get psyched! Blogger Blitz will be back on Monday, and Chris from Overthinker Y has you covered with a recap of the festivities so far!

OverThinker Y

Over the last month or so, something very special has been happening.

Under the watchful eye of curator and event runner Adventure Rules (Twitter here, and blog here), a group of brave adventurers has been pitting some of their favourite gaming characters against each other in a series of increasingly bizarre challenges as part of the inaugural Blogger Blitz, with judges including yours truly.

The first round in the bracket has just wrapped up, with the semi-finals due to start next week, so now seems as good a time as any to do a quick round-up and recap of what’s been going on so far. Here’s the official bracket as it stands right now, by the way, but if you’re going to read that then there’s almost no point reading this. Oh, well. Let’s dive in to the first set of matches!

By the way, I’ll…

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