Blogger Blitz: Villain Escape – Claire Redfield vs. Link

Who will reign supreme in a battle of bosses? Will Link survive a zombie attack, and will Claire Redfield triumph over Ganondorf?

Adventure Rules

Hello, adventurers, and welcome to the penultimate battle of the Blogger Blitz competition! And thank you, Series of Unfortunate Events, for teaching most of us the word “penultimate.” My name is Ian, and I will be your host and guide as we delve into this wacky competition between mighty bloggers and the heroes they have sponsored. This is the second match of the semifinal round – if you missed the first, you can check that out here! And if you have no idea what’s happening, well, here’s a quick explanation.

Blogger Blitz is a single-elimination tournament where eight bloggers have sponsored their favorite video game character in a competition to see who is the best at wild and wacky events. On Monday, this week’s competitors posted their argument in favor of the character they champion. Hundstrasse penned a gripping narrative for Claire Redfield, while Sheikah Plate spun an…

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