Let’s Talk About…: The “Super” Good Ol’ Days

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Let’s Talk About…: the Super Nintendo

Hooray for punny titles, right?

Out of all the consoles we had, this one had the smallest collection of games stacked next to it. I honestly don’t know why. We didn’t even own A Link to the Past. Can you believe it? I only ever played it at a friend’s house, and I certainly wasn’t able to beat it that way….

Image result for a link to the past
One day… one day…

I’m really not sure why this console didn’t get as much love as the NES. Well, I do. This one was even more technically my brother’s, and it was allowed to live in his room as long as he kept his grades up. So he traded his games or whatever without our knowledge, I guess.

At any rate, we had a bunch of really dorky games for it by the time it was no longer specifically “his.” No Zelda. No Star Fox. No Mario. It’s like my parents looked at what we had on the NES and tried to get “different” games. Thus, we had things like Mario Paint. We also had Street Fighter, which I guess I wasn’t supposed to play, but I would “sneak” into my brother’s room and play anyway.

Image result for street fighter snes
A realistic depiction of how *that* went. Guess which one was me?

And then there was Wing Commander. I don’t know why I played this game so much, because I was so bad at it.

Image result for snes space game

Fun story: I couldn’t remember the name of this game and spend quite a while trying to figure it out. I eventually searched for “snes space game” and the above image popped up. I guess it’s a testament to how often I stared at this screen that I instantly knew this was the game. And I was instantly flooded with memories of my poor, doomed pilot…

The only thing I remember about this game was the few cutscenes I saw. There was one that was a mission briefing, and one that happened when the playable character died. I saw both of them a lot, because the playable character died a lot.

Image result for wing commander snes funeral

Anyway, when the character died, there was an unskippable funeral cut-scene that went on and on and on but without voice acting and with a lot of dialogue-reading. I remember wondering if the woman (was it Spirit? I can’t remember) who said she was really going to miss the main character was somehow attracted to him, but I never found out.

And then they shot the coffin into space with a 21-gun salute, complete with “pew pew” sounds.

Image result for wing commander snes funeral

I asked my brother why they did that, because the coffin would be floating around forever, and he told me it was so they didn’t have to store the body on board the space ship because they’d run out of space if people kept dying and then there’d be dead bodies everywhere. When I looked duly traumatized, my father interjected and said that it was respectful, like a burial at sea, and then helpfully added, “just think: if he passes a planet he’ll get sucked into it. Then it’ll be fine and he won’t be floating around anymore.”

I think my mother told them both to stop and leave me alone at that point.

But I learned a lot that day.

Related image

Man, now I sort of want to track a copy of this down and hang with the guys outside of the hangar again.

Image result for wing commander snes funeral

Does anyone else have any amazing Wing Commander memories? Also, please tell me about all the amazing games I was only able to sample at a friend’s house!! Or, you can let me know your favorite or odd SNES memory in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you soon!
~ Athena

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  1. I remember trying to play the original Wing Commander and not being able to get in to it. I did play a bunch of Wing Commander III and IV on the PC though, which starred Mark Hamill and had some “awesome” FMV.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That funeral story is harrowing! And your dad and brother did nothing but traumatized you more. I never played Wing Commander, but I’m quite familiar with that position Blanka’s in as he was one of my favorite characters to play alongside Chun-Li, since girl=girl *sigh* and E. Honda. Really it was because they had moves I could easily execute. For some reason I could never get down any of the moves that requires in between directions. I was pretty inept 😋

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think I made my family seem like a bunch of degenerates. They’re really great people!! haha I mean, they gave perfectly reasonable answers. Bodies are buried at sea out of respect, and also because storage is difficult, and if the coffin passed a planet it *would* get sucked into it… I mean, it took me like 15 minutes, but I eventually realized the truth in their words haha

      Yeah… poor Blanka… Blanka was my go-to, but poor Chun-Li got her butt kicked, too. Wow! E. Honda! I forgot about him and his crazy moves! Yeah,I gravitated toward those guys, too… probably for the same reasons (haha). Those weren’t my most shining of gamer moments, let me tell you!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hehe, oh no I wasn’t implying that! But sometimes family can traumatize you without even realizing it :p

        Street Fighter II, Soul Blade, Mortal Kombat, Clay Fighters, and Tekken 7 (I think?) were my favorite fighting games. It seems like I’d be good at them, but no, no I wasn’t. I really only liked Tekken because one of the characters was an angel, and her ending was really cool.

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  3. Your title was very punny indeed! 😂

    I have loads of special feelz for the SNES, but have never tried Wing Commander. It looks cool! It’s neat and annoying that there’s a super long funeral scene when the character kicks the bucket. I also liked your story! 🙂

    The most obscure SNES game I played Chester Cheetah: Too Cool to Fool. Looking back, it was one big ad for the Cheetos brand, but I loved it! It’s probably not a coincidence little me also loved those cheese puff snacks. Advertising works!

    Also, WordPress error’d so sorry if this comment shows up twice with slightly different wording, haha Grrr! Technology… 😡

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Chester Cheetah, following in the footsteps of M.C. Kids, it seems… haha.

      Wind Commander… I’m not surprised you missed it. Like I said, we had some weird games for that console. And thanks. That story I think it more popular than the intended topic 😉

      So far, so good with the comment…?

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  4. Oh man, that story about the coffin made me laugh out loud (sorry!). Older relatives, amirite?

    We didn’t have a Super NES, so all I know about it and its games came from playing at my older cousin’s. And since my sister and I were there almost every day, I remember losing at Super Mario World a lot. Another thing I remember is being simultaneously horrified and delighted at Mortal Kombat, it was grossly captivating. 😛

    My favourite game was Donkey Kong Country, though, and I am pretty sure it was because of the pseudo-3D thing it had going on. Well, that and because I could throw barrels at alligators.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah… a lot of people liked that story… haha Yes, older siblings are great! 😀 haha No, my brother’s a good guy.

      Mortal Kombat is grossly captivating!! That was another game I wasn’t always allowed to play in the arcades, so I’m with you there!

      I think LightningEllen is a Donkey Kong fan, but sadly my experiences with good ol’ DK are limited. Although throwing barrels at things is always fun! 🙂


  5. My first home console was a Wii. My dad had an NES when he and my mom were first married, but he played it so much Mom made him give it away when they moved. (She also was against him giving me any sort of video games…that lasted until I was 8 and he gave me a GBA for Christmas.) All of the SNES games I’ve been able to play have either been GBA ports or virtual console games. My cousin gave me a copy of Link to the Past for the GBA because he needed a player 2 for Four Swords. And that’s how I got into Zelda. I’ve also played the GBA FFVI release. It remains my favorite game of all time (although The World Ends With You comes very close).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your comment!

      Ah, that stinks about your NES, although it’s nice you’ve been able to play some of the SNES games on your GBA. Zelda is definitely one of my favorite franchises so I think you definitely have a solid line-up 🙂 I’ve never played The World Ends With You but I’v heard nothing but good things about it!

      Hope to see you around again!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. The SNES library was the smallest one that I had, too. My parents stopped playing games when we got an SNES, so I had to buy them myself, and we didn’t have it long before the N64 came out. A lot of my friends had Super Nintendo’s though, and the local rental place had a strong selection, so I was able to borrow and rent a really strong library for it. And thankfully, all the rereleases and Virtual Console stuff really allows me to pick up the parts of the library I really miss now or didn’t get the chance to play back then.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s good you were able to rent some of the games.. I think I’m missing out by not having anything that supports a Virtual Console, because it would be nice to go back and play some of those games again (or play some for the first time).

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