Let’sa Talk About…: Italian Plumbers

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Let’sa Talk About… Mario Paint

That was unexpected, wasn’t it?

Image result for mario paint

I seriously loved this game so much growing up. There is literally nothing I don’t like about it. I always thought it was so cool that not only were you using a computer mouse on a video game console (which made me wonder if I could ever plug a video game controller into a computer, an idea I now realize I should have patented back then), but the whole idea of not only being able to create your own art, stamps, and simple animation loops, but also be able to create and play your own musical creations using sound effects instead of notes, was just amazing.

Image result for mario paint music theme song

I realize now that I used that game like an ear-training exercise, since each line of music was a different sound effect, and would try to listen to each line separately until I could pick out each line individually and at will when the music played. Because I’m a big ol’ music nerd forever and always.

Ahem. We actually didn’t have many games for our SNES, but this was definitely one of my favorites. I unfortunately don’t have it anymore, since when I got my Playstation my house was purged of the SNES and N64 (but not the NES. Don’t even get me started on that day), but I still toy with the idea of finding myself another SNES and trying to pick up a copy of this game, because I spent so many hours with it, listening to and creating songs, playing with the various picture and animation tools, and… slapping flies, because that was a mini-game it included for… logical reasons, I’m sure.

Image result for mario paint bug game

Oh, Mario Paint, you crazy game.

What about you? What’s your favorite Mario game? Or, what’s your favorite obscure Mario game? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you soon!
~ Athena

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    1. I didn’t play Super Mario Sunshine, but it’s one of the ones I regret not playing (along with Super Mario Galaxy), much for the reason you said. It seems a little more nuanced with having to use items and tools rather than just brutishly running through things and stomping on them.

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  1. I dunno if I’d say Mario Paint is my favourite, but hell I loved itand sunk so many hours into it as a kid. Messed around with the music mode so much and took songs and made all the instruments pigs for my sheer amusement. Even the title screen was a blast.

    As for favourite, I think Mario 64 takes the Cake for me.

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    1. It really had so much to offer, and it was so *different* from everything else, wasn’t it? Everything about it made you want to just play with it (title screen and all, like you said!).

      Mario 64 was great. I remember being so dazzled by the huge worlds and how nice everything looked!

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  2. Mario Paint was amazing. In fact I mentioned it a few weeks back on the 30-Day Elemental Challenge as my favorite art game of all time!

    The fly-swatting game definitely was the most memorable, it’s funny how easy it looks now in comparison but using that ball-mouse on that plastic track pad made tough. Making music was always cool but unfortunately I was not blessed with the ability of music making! Still gave child-me some great times.

    Favorite Mario game will always be Super Mario World, that era of gaming was like no other has or ever will be.

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    1. Yes, I remember seeing that! Great minds and all that…

      You’re right about the mouse. The concept was so simple but it really took some finesse to get everything to flow well. Lots of great times in that game, for sure.

      That’s a great pick! Super Mario World definitely has a top spot for my list of favorite Mario games, too 🙂

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  3. Hehehe, that title. Well played!

    I am not sure how obscure this game was, but my favourite lesser-known Mario game is Mario is Missing! I’ve always had a soft spot for Luigi, so him being the playable character was a big draw (so was the fact that you could explore “the real world”).

    That said, my all time Mario favourite is Super Mario Bros. 3, 🙂

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    1. Ha! Thanks.

      Mario is Missing is really great, I’ve heard! I’ve always felt for Luigi, too, probably because I always played as Player 2 in the original game.

      Super Mario Bros 3 has definitely swept the comments as being a (or the) favorite Mario game!


    2. I’ve got to second that. I know I would probably hate Mario is Missing if I played it now, but I just have a lot of really fond memories of that game. I don’t know if I ever really made sense of it, but just walking Luigi around, exploring the different countries in cartoon format, was just good times for little baby Aether.

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  4. I’ve never played this game before, even though I loved the SNES. I’ve seen it at pawnshops for like 90 cents so I should probably check it out. Fly slapping sounds like an important life skill too. When I was a kid, my parents gave away my SNES, and stupid teenage me sold her N64 with a bunch of now-rare games… 😦 I’ve since bought new systems but I still don’t have all those glorious games I once had. Sigh.

    My favourite Italian Plumber game is definitely Super Mario 64. I just loved exploring the castle overworld, the many different worlds you could visit by jumping through paintings, and of course, swinging Bowser by the tail! 😀 I was so in love with that game that I made a horribly drawn comic about Mario’s adventures there (and you think you’re a nerd, haha).

    Speaking of obscure, I remember renting Mario is Missing and Mario’s Time Machine. Good times… I think? I remember learning some things at least, haha.

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    1. Yeah I wound up with my SNES and N64 being given away as well. And now it’s like a gazillion dollars (approximately) to replace all the games… ugh. But yes if it’s only 90 cents, definitely pick it up! I got a lot of practice swatting flies, which I can say with some confidence is indeed a skill that I have used in real life.

      Mario 64 was definitely a dazzling game! I always thought the Bowser-swinging was in interesting and fun take on those battles. That’s really awesome that you drew a comic about it! Aw, fanfiction comes in all shapes and sizes… 😉

      Mario is Missing was supposed to be good. I actually had to look up Mario’s Time Machine, but that seems… interesting, to say the least!

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      1. I sold those gazillion dollar (approx.) N64 games for a tiny fraction of that 😦

        So I guess I did sort of write a fanfiction then? I really need to get back into a legendary DAO one I started reading awhile back. I need to finish the game first though. Now who was the brilliant author again…? 🙂

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  5. Despite my love of the franchise and its offshoots, I’ve never played Mario Paint. My favorite Mario game is probably split between Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario Galaxy 2.

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  6. That game was the first time I ever used a mouse…and I used it “backwards” lol. It just naturally felt right that up is down and down is up. Don’t ask me why; my wires are crossed 😋

    I loved MP, and YASSS same here with the music. Did you ever switch around the icons, replacing all of one with another or removing some to switch up the sound?? I had so much fun with that music program alone. They put so many great things into that game. It even his the kind of eerie “Nintendo song.”

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    1. Hey, if it works, it works. Do you do “inverted” Y axis on consoles, too?

      And YES I used to switch around the icons! I can’t tell you how many hours I spend fiddling around with that program, both altering the songs that came with it and making my own. They really did stuff it full of great things to do!

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  7. I’m not the biggest Mario fan because I was a Genesis owner back in the day. My fave titles starring said plumber would have to be Mario Tennis and Super Mario Land.

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    1. Nice! I never got into the Mario Plays Whatever games (especially after I was traumatized by Mario Teaches Typing), but I’ve heard Super Mario Land was fun! (alas, didn’t have a GameBoy)

      Should I ask what you favorite Sonic game is, instead?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I haven’t tried any of the Mario Plays games either. Super Mario Land is a traditional 2D platformer, with a couple of side scrolling shoot-em-up sections.

        My fave Sonic game is Sonic 3 combined with Sonic & Knuckles. The reviews for Sonic Mania have been positive so I am looking forward to playing that.

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  8. I’ve never played Mario Paint, but I’ve always wanted to! My favorite Mario game, also one of my favorite games of all time, is Super Mario World. I think Mario looks best in 16-bit, and it was such an eye-opening game for me, being one of the first I ever beat. Plus, Yoshi! As for an obscure Mario game… I’ve played Mario is Missing. I thought it was hilarious, but it’s not a good game by any means, haha. It was randomly fun to play geography quizzes with Luigi, though.


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