Blogger Blitz: Mail Delivery – Guybrush Threepwood vs. Claire Redfield

The results of Week Two’s Blogger Blitz are in!

… so who *would* win in a mail-delivery race while being chased by the three-headed Cerberus??

Adventure Rules

Hello adventurers and welcome back to Round One of the Blogger Blitz! Last week, we saw NekoJonez and Lightning Ellen face off in Retail Rumble. If you missed the winner of that competition, I highly encourage you to check out their match! This week, Kim of Later Levels and Luke of Hundstrasse go toe-to-toe in glorious battle to see whose character would make the best mailperson when the neighborhood’s roughest dog is on the prowl.

If you’re not familiar with the rules of the competition, Kim and Luke each submitted a post on Monday describing why their character would win the event. If you missed those posts, you’ll want to read them before moving on. Kim sponsored Guybrush Threepwood while Luke sponsored Claire Redfield. I encourage you as you read their articles to follow their blogs – these competitiors are wonderful bloggers and you don’t want to…

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  1. That was quite the epic battle! I have Kim’s epic sea shanty stuck in my head, and Luke has made me wanna try and finish Resident Evil Code: Veronica X (I gave up on it many years ago… Those Antarctic zombies are tough I tells ya!)

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