Mass Effect Month: Day 27 – Galactic Music

We’re back with our month-long Mass Effect challenge! For previous days, click here.

Mass Effect Month, Day 27: What is your favorite soundtrack from the Mass Effect series?

Yay! More music from games! I swear I won’t just say “all of them” and leave. Even though it’s so hard to pick just one! So… let’s go for one from each game.

From Mass Effect, I really actually like the opening theme (“Vigil”). There is something very ethereal about it, and even from the opening sustained note it sounded like something from the science fiction genre. It would be right at home in a series like Star Trek, and it easily pays homage while being original at the same time.

Credit to SoundtrackPassion92

I think also because it’s the first thing one hears when playing the game, it also holds quite a bit of nostalgic power, which is probably why it was included at the very end of Shepard’s goodbye when sending off the Andromeda Initiative. I mean, they literally play the first note of “Vigil” and that’s it, but it’s so beautifully done. Anyway…

Credit to MassEffect

From Mass Effect 2, I actually really liked the Overlord DLC music, particularly “David’s Theme,” even though it was incredibly sad. It captured the essence of the entire story, as well as the plight of poor David…

Credit to Xellith

And finally, in Mass Effect 3, while I really do love the title screen theme, I really love “An End, Once and For All.” It not only hearkens back to the “Vigil” theme of the first game, it builds on it with the somber heaviness of the end of Shepard’s era, while also including a theme played in the higher register of the piano, lonely yet hopeful. I really love it.

Credit to MassEffect3OST

What about you? What’s your favorite track from the Mass Effect series? Do you have one? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Nice selection, that first and last one are great. Something very calming about hearing the first one when you first open the game. For me, there are two that stood out for me in the first game. The song that plays in the opening moments of starting a new game as the title shows up. Man, I remember it sending shivers up my spine. I was so hyped to finally play Mass Effect after following the game up until release. See the title come up with the awesome orchestrated track layer with all that synthy stuff was so cool. Coolest title reveal… ever!

    Second is the track called M4 Part II by Faust. It plays during the credits of the first game. It was a great way to end the game, and was totally different from everything the game already threw at us. First off, it featured lyrics, which I don’t recall many other track featuring. This was structured loosely like a rock/electronic song, featuring a clear percussive drummer element along with an overlying guitar solo that extends the entire duration of the track, and of course, that great synthy sounding stuff that’s prominent throughout most of the game. The song of course builds up throughout until it reaches it’s full climactic full form and things really get heavy. Love it! I remember learning to play the guitar melody on guitar right after listening to it. Great track to end the game.

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    1. You’re right! That song was very surprising at the end of the first game, but was interesting all the same. The lyrics were very fitting, I thought, both for what Shepard had already done, and also as a foreshadow of what was coming. Considering this is also what they did at the end of Dragon Age: Origins (although that was in elvish, but… details?), I think BioWare found a fun way to look back and forward at the same time!

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  2. I LOVE the Afterlife club music. I play it all the time when I’m feeling down! (RIP Saki Kaska 😦 ). I’m trying to think of something I really liked in Andromeda, but nothing stands out in my mind… Hm.


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