Mass Effect Month: Day 29 – To Boldly Go

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Mass Effect Month, Day 29: Where would you like to see the Mass Effect series go next?

With four games, twelve comics, six (soon to be seven) novels, one galactic codex, thirteen DLC not including various “packs” and skins, five books of artwork, and a coloring book, it seems somewhat silly to ask for more, doesn’t it?

When I started writing these posts, we were all still reeling from a somewhat less-than-stellar release of Mass Effect: AndromedaAlthough tempers have cooled somewhat, it was too little, too late, as by the time reasonable voices started talking about the latest Mass Effect game, EA had already put the series on ice until further notice.


But before that, I would have said I wanted to see Mass Effect return to its roots of presenting a small, personal, and tightly-presented story. As I mentioned elsewhere, there are a lot of similarities between Andromeda and the original trilogy, but the latest game tried to do too much and was too big to have the same emotional impact.

I would have, at one point, told you that a tightly-written DLC to tie up the “loose ends” of Andromeda would be appreciated, and by that I mean something substantial. Something that could be its own game, like a Dragon Age: Awakenings. This is still something I’d like, but right now I have more pressing matters to attend to.

MEA planet.jpg

Nowadays, I want to know that Mass Effect will be back. Even though I know all good things must come to an end, I would much rather the series go out with a galactic bang that leaves people wanting more, not a “good enough” warble that leaves people with a bad taste in their mouth. Between my two wishes, I’m not sure which one is less likely at this point, and that just makes me very sad.

Hopefully, we’ll see a triumphant return to Andromeda one day.

What about you? Where would you like to see Mass Effect go next? Or is the series old and worn out and should be left to rest as it is? Let me know in the comments!

I should go,

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  1. Oh there’s definitely more to tell! 🙂 But I don’t mean more of the same. I just want to get away from the war stuff. I thought Andromeda would be about exploring a new a galaxy free of the ominous threat of the reapers in the Milky Way. What put me off is we get there and are like “peace isn’t an option, let’s go to war!” in like 10 minutes flat. There’s so much depth and detail in the Mass Effect universe that we don’t always need to be fighting a war to have fun. Give us more… but make it different 🙂

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    1. Yeah. I guess it’s hard to design a game with a conflict that isn’t about actually fighting… I can see how the game felt like it was rushing the whole “war” thing. I would have preferred that to be secondary to the bureaucratic nonsense and “finding a home” drama very much. Maybe next time….??

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  2. I’d like to see Mass Effect come back and triumph, but like you, I’d want the experience scaled down and be alot more intimate. Quality over quanity big time.

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  3. This development obsession with wide open worlds needs to stop. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a game that’s a tightly packaged story. It wastes so much resources making these huge side quest filled wastelands, I think.

    I’d like to see them make a trilogy out of Andromeda. I mean, c’mon, so many loose ends to explore. I have no doubt there will be a new Mass Effect game someday. Fan drama at least means people care a lot. By EA’s business logic, that will equal paying customers.


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