Mass Effect Month: Day 30 – Signing Off

We’re back with the final day of our month-long Mass Effect challenge! For previous days, click here.

Mass Effect Month, Day 30: What would you tell someone new to the franchise, and would you recommend it?

Well, the second part is obvious. Of course I recommend people play the Mass Effect games. It’s on the short-list of my favorite games ever, right up there with Dragon Age: Origins and Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. There has never been a series that has spanned three games in the same way that the original trilogy does, following the development, rise and (possible) fall of one heroic character, and that then follows a green newbie trying to accomplish the same heroic feats of saving their existence.

The original Mass Effect set the foundation for the ensuing games to build upon and introduced us to the characters, Mass Effect 2 made us love them even as the Reaper threat increased and quietly tried to tear the galaxy apart, and Mass Effect 3 (say what you will), gave a frantic build to the all-out war that was needed to conclude the conflict. Despite its flaws, the games presented a very solid and enjoyable experience. So yes, I recommend it.


Regarding my advice to someone new to the series, I would give the same advice I would give anyone starting a new game: play it with as few spoilers as possible, and allow yourself to build your own opinions on the series without the influence of the Internet. Love it or hate it, the Mass Effect universe certainly leaves a lasting impression, after all!

What do you think? Is the series worthy of being on a list of “must play” games? What is your advice to a newcomer to the series? Let me know in the comments!

Also, a huge thank you to everyone who has stuck with me this entire month! I’ve had a lot of fun with it, and I’ve greatly enjoyed reading what you all have had to say about the series, as well! Now, if you’ll excuse me, that Reaper threat isn’t going to stop itself…

I should go,

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        1. I actually enjoyed it overall. It had a bit of “open world bloat” as a lot of games have nowadays, but I thought the story was interesting and really liked the idea of Ryder being a nobody who had to become “The Hero.” Sort of makes me think of what Shepard must have been like prior to the events of Mass Effect.

          What about you?

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                1. I agree! As far as I remember, the most helpful side missions are pretty obvious and nearly impossible to miss. It’s not *quite* like ME3 when you really did need to do everything for the best outcome, which I think in this case is okay…. Let me know how you make out with it if you go back!

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  1. sad to see this come to and end, looked forward to the daily ME posts here. That being said, ME is a must play. It has small bits of something for everything. If you want action? check, if you like RPGs? check. If you want to shoot stuff? check, you want memorable characters and a great story? check check check

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    1. Aw you’re so kind. I’m already missing them, myself! Maybe I’ll do another game challenge at some point haha.

      It really is a must-play. You’ve really hit the nail on the head – it’s a series that has something for everyone!

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  2. The Mass Effect series is a must play. I’m fairly new to the series as I didn’t play them when they were originally released. I love them and highly recommend them to anyone who would listen.

    If you are new to Mass Effect I agree with your advice with going in with as few spoilers as possible and making your own mind up. Make your own decisions and complete the games how you want to (rather than what an online guide/friend/youtube says you should do) and I think you will be drawn into the series and enjoy it. Also talk to your crew/other characters as the interactions can be so worthwhile and interesting.

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    1. They’re great, whenever you jump into them. I didn’t play them when they were originally released, either, but they’ve certainly stayed relevant, in my opinion!

      I wholeheartedly agree that each player new to the franchise should do their best to role-play for themselves, and not try to play the game they way they think it should be played or the way someone else tells them it’s “supposed” to be played.

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      1. Absolutely, they are still great to pick up now and play. There isn’t a right way to play them either so it will be much more enjoyable if you play them the way you want to. I still want to do a Renegade playthrough but that is against the way I would normally act in games so I think I’ll find it more difficult, but I want to see the changes it would give. The Mass Effect games are perfect for replaying as you can notice things you didn’t see the previous playthrough and you could spot different side quests or different interactions. Definitely must plays at least once.

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  3. I actually like Mass Effect slightly more than Dragon Age, though I haven’t played or watched an LP of DA, so this opinion is a bit of smoke and definitely uninformed lol. Granted though I decided to watch ME first after seeing as much of it as DA, so who knows. I’ve said it before, but the Mass Effect trilogy is broken up the way I prefer with the first being the intro, the second the rising action, and the third an arguably very long denouement. DA is more of the “bridge” trilogy with the second game making up what’s in the quotes. I might change my opinion with more information, but I’d recommend Mass Effect to anyone who likes sci-fi or really any gamer TBH.

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    1. That’s fair. I think if I look at the two as “two trilogies” I’d like Mass Effect more. It has a more cohesive (and obvious) story and the games are very obviously related to each other, whereas Dragon Age takes more of the Legend of Zelda approach with loosely tying things together but generally showing snapshots of different events with different people in different parts of Thedas.

      Yes. Everyone who plays video games should play Mass Effect if they haven’t already haha.

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  4. I got ME-A the day it came out, and played it so much! However, i still haven’t finished the game! I don’t know why, something just made me take a break and never finish it. I believe that i am kinda far into the game, but lack the initiative to finish it. Why is that? Can i ever just finish the game one day?

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    1. I took a break from it, as well, but when I went back to it and cut through some of the open-world bloat, I did find the BioWare I love with well-developed characters and a good story. At the end, it wasn’t perfect, but I found it to be well worth my time, if that help you! 🙂 If you do decide to go back an finish it, come back and let me know what you thought of it!

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      1. It just sucks because im still strangely addicted to GTA V still, and settlement building for Fallout 4, not to mention i still haven’t really played my COD WW2 that i got for Christmas

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  5. On balance, I would say that the ME trilogy is my favourite game of all time. It is the game I have played through the most and put the most hours into. I even got 100% achievements in ME1, which is rare for me. I also enjoyed playing as the female protagonist as, to me, Femshep is the real Shep.

    I actually really liked ME3 for the most part. I loved the dark foreboding atmosphere that was ever-present in the game. Indeed, my biggest cosmetic irritation with ME3, was the glam-up of Ash. I preferred the more simple look in ME1.

    Yes, the ending was a disappointment. But at least it has some variation (albeit not as much as Bioware promised). Plus I am quite happy to engineer killing the gets beforehand so that Destroy is not such a dilemma.

    Most games I eventually lose interest in. But ME I would play from the start. If only I had the time.

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  6. I appreciate you getting me hooked on all these great BioWare games, haha. The Mass Effect games were a highlight of my gaming career and are definitely a must play for most people (no game clicks with everyone, no matter how good I think it is). This Mass Effect Month series was a really cool idea. I can’t believe it took me this long to get around to reading all the posts. Anyway, I’m done spamming your blog now (sorry 🙂 ) Thank you for everything and for the good reading, my friend.

    I will go. 🌌


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