Priority: Gift Giving

Happy JewBahaiScientChristianHinduWiccadist Day, everyone! ‘Tis the season to be turning our minds toward gift-giving, if that’s part of your season.

I’ve been on the receiving end (more often than I care to admit) of questions about what to get me because “you’re a gamer, and I don’t know about that sort of thing.” So if you’re like me, and you’re looking for fun and creative things to gift to your gamer friends, I’m here with a few ideas to brighten your holiday and lighten your wallets (and maybe this will add to Later Level‘s shopping list, as well!).

Canvas Print, Usurper, by Astor Alexander ($85.99)

While the artwork in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess took a darker turn from what is generally considered traditional Zelda flare, it’s hard to argue that it hasn’t left its mark. Mr. Alexander takes this a step further with a series of canvas prints of characters from Twilight Princess presented in Baroque-style artworks. My personal favorite is Usurper, featuring Midna looking warily over her shoulder at Zant while Ganondorf whispers in his ear. It’s currently (at time of writing) on sale for $64.49, but the detail of the painting more than justifies the higher price point.

Image result for usurper twilight princess


Energy Melee Sword from Halo, from ($49.99)

The array of video game weapon replicas available is amazing. My dad got me into collecting swords, and purchased replicas of Anduril and Aragorn’s ranger sword from The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Of course, people have Sting, and the Master Sword from every Zelda game, but how many people have an energy melee sword? Even if Halo isn’t your thing, if you’ve ever had an interest in video game blades, TrueSwords has quite a variety! They even have the assassin’s blades from the Assassin’s Creed series, if that’s your thing.

Hitbit, from Design of Things (still a prototype, on Kickstarter)

Full disclosure, Design of Things contacted me about this new retro gaming system about a week ago, and I have to say that even though I’m not a retro aficionado like IHeartOldGames! or  hungrygoriya, but after checking out the sleek wooden console, with features like modern connectivity (including HDMI, WiFi, and wireless) and the capacity to hold over a thousand retro games and play them using a controller that feels like an arcade box, I decided to list it here as a unique gift for the retro gaming fan who might want to help bring retro games back to the future.


Collector’s Editions of Game Guides ($varies)

For me, a good book is always a welcome addition to my collection, and that includes guides. What better way to show love for a franchise than to have a hardcover book dedicated entirely to its story and gameplay? And, if you spring for a collector’s edition, there are usually a few more fangirl/boy-inducing goodies included for your friend to happily geek out over. As proof, I can talk about how much I love the Grey Warden sword letter opener I have, if you really want. No? Okay. Anyway, these books can be found in bookstores, and online, fairly easily, depending on how many “extras” you’re looking for.

Image result for prima guides

Goomba Cufflinks, by rapscalliondesign ($29.08)

I love everyday clothing items that subtly have game-related things on them, like pins or socks. Why not cufflinks, too? While not something I would personally use, it’s hard to deny how cute these are, perfect for being both fun and classy. Plus, they’re available through Etsy, so you will also support a small business, as well!

Perfect for that Nintendo-themed wedding you have coming up. Or something.

Price: $28.00

Portal bookends, by ThinkGeek ($29.99)

Remember all of those game guide books I mentioned above? Well, your lucky friend might also need some bookends to keep them from falling all over the floor, and what better way than by, erm, taking another ordinary, everyday object and subtly making it gaming related?

Portal Bookends
Although, I feel like this when I start and finish a novel…

You might have seen a theme here with these suggestions. While a fan of video games, I’m also a fan of subtly showing my interests through my interior design choices (that sounds so much better than “decorating,” doesn’t it?). So, I hope you enjoyed my short list of “fun and classy” gift ideas for someone you know who loves games (or to put on your own wish list. I’m not here to judge.). Although Design of Things did contact me about their product, I listed it here because it is something that I would enjoy and purchase myself, like every other product here (although I might trade the Halo sword for a Zelda one 😉 ). At any rate, I haven’t been paid by any of these folks to promote their products, but am simply sharing a few unique gift-giving ideas for this holiday season.

Happy Shopping!

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you soon!
~ Athena

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      1. They are! It’s a nice “problem” to have. I did once think of getting bookends for games but then that comes back to a very similar “problem”. Though if I put books on top of my bookshelves they might need extra support from bookends…. 😉

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  1. All I want for JewBahaiScientChristianHinduWiccadist Day is world peace… and a working replica of Lightning’s Gunblade 😇😈

    Seriously, awesome gift ideas! I can’t wait until I win the lottery so I can buy ALL of these things for everyone on WordPress, haha.

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