12 Days of Christmas: Shopping Sidequest

Merry Holidays, everyone!

I’m very excited to be a part of a special Christmas Collaboration hosted by Kim over at Later Levels. For the next 12 days, a number of fine bloggers will be answering one Christmas-y question every day and keeping us all in the holiday spirit. I think I’ve sufficiently recovered from Mass Effect Month to start another challenge, so here we go!


On the first day of Christmas Collab, Kim asked of me: You need to choose a gift for someone special and go online to check out the video game item catalogue. Who is this person and what present would you select for them?

What are the holidays without a little shopping, right? Well, not so long ago I made a short list of fantastic items any gamer might love to find under their Christmas menorah or Chanukah tree (yes, I’m doing this on purpose), and I know Kim had some great gift ideas as well. Still not enough?

Image result for challenge accepted

I actually don’t have many friends in the physical world who are as into video games and other geeky things as much as I am. While they are always polite and sort of interested when I talk about games or Star Wars or whatever, they’re not into it enough that I’d go out of my way to get them something gaming related.

So… my my illusive friend BadgersAndBowties would be the only one who would appreciate a gaming-themed gift. While we usually exchange geeky gifts and I could rattle off some of the real things we’ve gotten each other, like Game of Thrones-themed shot glasses or small statuettes of Tali, let’s pretend I had unlimited funds and could go and break the bank with my gift, shall we?

Image result


If I had the money, I’d totally gift a Playstation VR set and Star Trek: Bridge Crew to my friend. It’s something I think she’d have wild amounts of fun with. I know when I first saw it I was in the throes of Andromeda, and I remember thinking how cool it would be to actually have a “hands on” experience of actually flying a space ship and exploring space. And, c’mon, it’s Star Trek. There’s no doubt in my mind that my friend would love being Captain Jean-Luc BadgersAndBowties.

What about you? If you had unlimited funds, what would be the one gift you would give to someone? Let me know in the comments!

Boldly going where no blogger has gone before,
~ Athena

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    1. I am! And no I haven’t seen TLJ yet. I usually go with a friend of mine but we haven’t had a chance to find a date in common. I’m about to get tickets and just go by myself haha. I heard it was pretty good if you’re willing to stop clinging to nostalgia…?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It seems to be very polarizing even amongst die hard Star Wars fans, which is really odd. Usually the older fans either love/hate it collectively whereas the newer ones are more divided, but now I’ve heard longtime fans both sing its praises while other say it was worse than Phantom Menace, which is absolutely preposterous based on film quality alone. I can’t wait to hear your opinion on it!

        Liked by 1 person

          1. I’m very curious about your opinion! I’m glad I went before I heard any negative opinions, because I absolutely loved it. I still like The Force Awakens better, but that’s just my own personal preference and has nothing to do with the quality of The Last Jedi. I love how TLJ builds off of the first story with the foundation of the originals beneath it.

            Liked by 1 person

  1. I’ll be trying VR for the first time on Thursday at work, someone is bringing in their Oculus Rift, since we don’t plan on doing any work! I’ve resisted it so far, it will either make me very ill or want to spend money.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. As someone who grew up with TNG and DS9, Bridge Crew sounds like a dream come true for me 🙂 Alas the price and physical space required puts it out of my life completely 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Now that is an awesome gift idea! PSVR will price drop a lot, someday I hope. I think I might be brave enough to try Resident Evil 7 if I ever get one.

    And wow, I’m so behind on Star Wars… I still haven’t seen The Force Awakens (no excuse since it’s on Netflix). I did see Rogue One though. I really need to get with the times.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m hoping 🙂 There’s another VR game out… I can’t remember the name but it has to do with mental health… My friend played RE7 and said it was terrifying. So… have fun with that. I’ll be over here snuggling my teddy bear.

      Yay Star Wars! 😀 I heartily support your idea.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. No, but that game looks amazing! I just stopped being lazy and looked the other game up, and it’s called The Inpatient. Ugh. Now I’m going to be saving up pennies for a VR…

          Hellblade would be great in VR, and I’d play the heck out of VR Dragon Age: Origins!

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