Let’s Talk About…: Smashing Things

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Let’s Talk About…: your favorite Smash Bros. character.

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Oh, hello there.

Yup. When I play Super Smash Bros: Any of Them, I try very hard to get my controller on Link. He and I, like many of us here, I’m sure, have spent lots of time together. More than any other character (even Solid Snake!), I feel like I have more control over Link and… well I have a better chance of not getting knocked off into space.

Second choice absolutely goes to…

Image result for solid snake super smash bros

Sigh. I’m so predictable.

What about you? Do you play Smash Brothers? Do you have a go-to character, or do you like to change it up? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you soon!
~ Athena

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  1. I like to play Nes or Lucas, not even really due to any attachment to the Earthbound series but because they are so fun to play. I especially love the flexibility of the PK Thunder ability, whether its to save yourself from a fall, or a target strike from across the board. Also nailing a home-run with Nes’s bat smash attack is very satisfying.

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  2. For me, its any of the Pokemon characters or anyone from the Fire Emblem series. When it comes to Smash Bros. I’m not very tactical, I just go with whoever is my favourite character at the moment in time.

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  3. i love smash and my brother and I always face off in such epic matches, and i love your choices. Since smash bros brawl, Link has been my go to main character. Although, on the Wii, I would alternate between Link and Snake.

    I love Link because of his great reach with his master sword, and hookshot, and pretty much all available items. hi Up B move is also great as he twirls and covers a great area. Links strengths became even more apparent to me when my brother and I switched characters and he just kept shooting arrows and throwing bombs. I realized then how annoying I am as Link and how effective he is at creating distance between your opponent.

    As for Snake, I miss him dearly. I want him in Smach 4 as a DLC character or even if they ported it over to the Switch. He is so unorthodox, and had some devasting attacks. My favourite was the homing rocket, I really annoyed people with that and used it to steals smash specials. There are traces of his moves in a few characters in Smash 4, but there is still no replacement for Solid Snake. I still hope one day he returns to Smash… RIP Snake

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    1. Snake!! That’s right! I was so happy playing as him, too haha. I’m not as good with him as I am with Link, but yeah I think he’s definitely one of the guys I would cycle through.

      Haha there’s no problem with using a full arsenal of tricks. Unless they’re being used against you, I’m sure… hm…

      I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

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  4. Link is my main man too! I sometimes go with Bowser, Samus, or even Kirby. It’s so fun kicking ass with that adorable little pink puffball, haha.

    Side note: Square Enix let Cloud be in a SSB game… they should totally add other Final Fantasy protagonists… ⚡

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      1. Another thing I love about Kirby is the “Insult to Injury” factor. Not only did a pink puffball pwn you, he used your character’s own powers against you. Mwa ha ha ha! 😀

        Tifa…? HA! 😉

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  5. I like to jump around between a bunch of characters, particularly in the newer one because I’ve only gotten to play it maybe three or four times. However, I am best as Zelda and so I tend to play as her a little more often than other characters. I’m pretty decent as Marth too.

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    1. Ah, you guys make me want to pull it out and get more experience with the other characters! Zelda’s great; I’m terrible playing as her but there’s something satisfying about her being able to finally get in on the action haha.

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      1. For sure! I would love a Zelda game that featured her as a playable character – I was really pleased with how much character development they gave her in Breath of the Wild, but I would love it if they took it a step further and gave us a Zelda game starring its titular character.

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          1. I certainly think so. Link is my favorite video game character but I can handle him sitting one out so that Zelda can shine a bit more. And having a smart, capable princess as a protagonist would be a really positive thing for the young women (and even young men) who experience these games during their more formative years.


  6. Link and the Ice Climbers are left handed, and therefore objectively the best characters. None of the rest are even close.

    Outside of them, I’m big on Ike. I love the game he’s from, and although he doesn’t play anything like he does in that game (somehow the speedy lord turned into a slow brute) he is able to wade into most anything in Smash. Lucas is good too, because his PK Thunder has the ability to force people off stage at weirdly low amounts of damage in ways that make all your friends stop being your friends. My friends are jerks, so that works for me.

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    1. Boom *mic drop*

      I bow to your Smash knowledge. While I play it passively when I have another person to play with, I can’t say I’ve played it enough to have such an in-depth knowledge of the characters! I might have to try out Ike, though.

      Sorry to hear your friends are jerks, but I’m glad you found a character with which to express your dissatisfaction (haha?).

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  7. I looooooooove Super Smash Bros as you might imagine!

    I’ll have to list my favorites per game since they all control differently.

    In all games: Jigglypuff – my goodness, Jigglpuff’s air game is the best in the game. It’s the most consistent character for me even though I never “main” it.

    Smash 64: Kirby – he’s cute, unstoppable, and can copy powers. What can I say? I love Kirby.

    Melee: Ice Climbers – I’m so sad these two got cut from the Wii U version. Rosalina and Luma just don’t cut it. I loved controlling two characters at once, and the Ice Climbers’ hammer attack was one of the strongest in the game. I always hated losing one though midbattle because it made me so vulnerable.

    Brawl: Toon Link – I prefer Toon Link’s swiftness to Link, and I like his moveset, in a similar way that you like regular Link. His downward jump Smash is so strong. I’ve won many battles thanks to that.

    Wii U version – Greninja – He controls exactly how I want a Smash character to, which I guess is similar to Sheik. He’s fast, strong, and is a ninja. I believe they’ve nerfed him since launch so he’s not as good anymore, but I’ll still have fond memories using him early on.

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    1. Wow! You are a real Smash aficionado!! I love watching people play as “cute” characters like Jigglypuff or Kirby, and then annihilate the competition. Everyone is just so terrifying in that game haha.

      You’re presenting solid arguments for me to try out other characters, sir… haha

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