Metacognition: For the Lulz

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What is a line of dialogue that always makes you laugh?

Keeping with the spirit of April Fool’s Day, what better time to think about funny lines of dialogue from games? I have three that always make me chuckle. One is from Dragon Age: Inquisition and the other one is from Remember Me.

In Remember Me, Nilin snarks out a couple of really great one-liners. But I really loved when, after a particularly long sequence of fighting, she clips,

This Little Red Riding Hood’s got a basket full of kick-ass!


Little Red Riding Hood’s.

Got a basket.

Full of kick-ass.

It was badass, hysterical, and unexpected, and makes me laugh. I find myself saying it to myself when I play other games, as well. I think it really encapsulates the gravitas of battle scenes.

The second one is, unsurprisingly, from Dragon Age: Inquisition. Cassandra and Leliana have a number of really excellent dialogue with each other, with Cassandra’s bluntness always in stark contrast to Leliana’s more nuanced way of dealing with things.

Image result for yes, tactfully put, cassandra dragon age

But my favorite interaction that legitimately made me Laugh Out Loud was not a line of spoken dialogue at all, but a silent moment that said so much without any words whatsoever:

There is just so much that is said in that moment, and when I first played the game, my friend and I burst out laughing. It’s not even that funny but… well I suppose humor is in the eye of the beholder, right?

What about you? What’s the funniest line of dialogue that you’ve ever heard in a game? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you soon!

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  1. Almost every line said by my sarcastic Hawke in Dragon Age II gave me the lulz! It’s one of the things that helped me overlook some of DAII’s faults. This one is probably my favourite: “Wounded Coast. I wonder if that’s near the Injured Cliffs… or the Limping Hills… Massive Head-Trauma Bay. … No one? …. Just me? … Forget I said anything.”

    Also in Lightning Returns, if you make my shero wear the most awful outfit ever, she actually says this during battles: “You saw me dressed like this, now you have to die.” I found that quite amusing! 😛

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    1. I always liked Massive Head Trauma Bay. It rolls off the tongue so nicely.

      Haha nice. Is that the one with all those stuffed animal things on it? The one where you posted a picture and I said Fang was giving her a dirty look? I think I’d share that sentiment if I was caught wearing something like that…

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      1. Yep! The Moogle Queen Garb…. *shudders* The “WTF??” look on Fang’s face in that picture is priceless!! 😂 Friends don’t let friends where the Moogle Queen garb. It ain’t easy being a Square Enix character, that’s for sure.

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  2. I think Glados from portal 2 takes the Cake with this silly but brilliantly delivered line.

    “Oh Hi. How are you holding up? Because I’m potato…”

    I don’t know why but it cracks me up.

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    1. I was going to mention the same one. She’s got a good delivery on it.

      I’m also a fan of “The Great Mizuti never lies. Only sometimes.” that pops up a few times in Baten Kaitos, but I can’t rightfully say why.

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  3. The first three games in the Monkey Island series are full of jokes, send-ups, double-entendres, and general silliness. If I had to pick just one funny moment, though, it would be Guybrush crashing LeChuck and Elaine’s wedding and shouting “Elaaaaine!” like the main character in The Graduate.

    Cassandra’s serious manner and bluntness is a constant source of amusement. And when she subverts your expectations, things are even funnier. The end credits for Trespasser are ridiculous! Also, another DA favourite is the entirety of Isabela and Aveline’s banter (especially so when it is about Aveline’s personal life).

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    1. Haha nice. I haven’t gotten into those games, embarrassingly enough, but I’ve heard they are a hoot and a treasure trove of tongue-in-cheek and referential humor.

      Omg yes. And the Isabela-Aveline dynamic is so much fun. I love how they still like each other even though they are complete opposites.

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      1. Too right. And even though I cannot condone of insults like “man-hands” and “whore”, you can tell there is an undercurrent of affection. Or when the Arishok is about to take Isabela away, Aveline reacts very much like “she is an ass, but she is our ass”.


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