Year of the RPG: Letter from a Friend, part IV

Athena leaned back, having read through what she suspected would be Ra’zirr’s final letter. He seemed to have settled things for himself, and had been ambiguous about whether he would keep her informed of his future adventures. She flattened the letter on the desk, smiling nostalgically at it, before getting up, stretching, and going to the door to see who was knocking on it.

“To Athena, fondest greetings and salutations,

As you have doubtlessly surmised, I have survived the battle for Skyrim’s unification, and as the world hasn’t ended it must be obvious that Alduin has been brought to fiery justice.

Upon arriving at Sovengard, I realized that I had not, again, asked Lydia to come with me. Although I’m not sure she would have appreciated a ride on the dragon, it wasn’t until I had walked a few feet and had a dragon land on top of me that I thought that, perhaps, coming here alone hadn’t been the wisest idea.


But I prevailed, and continued. And prevailed again over another dragon, and again continued.


It was strange; I had the oddest feeling of deja vu walking through Sovengard, as if all of the trials here echoed some of the very first trials I had faced upon arriving in Skyrim. It was as if the gods had been allowing me time to practice and hone my skills, all for this moment. Even the spinning door puzzle was back.


At any rate, I eventually made my way to an open courtyard, and faced a masked mage. He was incredibly powerful, and there were many moments I feared that I would fall, here, in Sovengard, with no one to ever know what had happened to me. But, as it turns out, all fall eventually to the Shouts of the dragonborn. He was a frightening-looking creature, and I took his mask after I felt the power pulsing through it. It could only be helpful against Alduin, after all.



I looked ridiculous, but there is no accounting for good battle protection, I suppose.


After stepping into a magic portal – for that is the only thing I can believe this was – I arrived in another area of Sovengard, this one filled with fog and scared spirits of departed Nords.



I even found Kodlak. What all of these poor souls told me was that Alduin was keeping them from their eternal rest with his fog. They were frightened to forge through it, as that was when he would strike, I imagine. But by happenstance I could dispel the fog with my Shouts, and arrived to the gate unharmed.

Despite this, the walk was pleasant and surprisingly beautiful.




At this point, I had to demonstrate my worthiness to enter the great halls. He was a mighty foe, but eventually yielded and I continued on.


It was here that I met three dragonborn of old, and they banded with me to defeat Alduin. It took all four of us Shouting at the fog to dispel it and to call Alduin to us. He… fell surprisingly easily. Considering the terror with which he had sown in the past, he fell under our Shouts and our blades in a very underwhelming fashion. Perhaps this is a testament to our powers, or a testament to something else?


Anyway, after speaking one final time with the departed, I returned to Skyrim. I told no one of what had occurred, especially Legate Rikke or General Tullius, but somehow Delphine already knew; the sight of me flying off on the back of a dragon had apparently gained some attention. While Delphine was worried for me, and glad I had defeated Alduin, she reminded me that the Blades and I could not be allies until Parthurnaax lay dead. I am not sure we will ever be true allies, as after the battle with Alduin, I let him leave with his dragon brethren. If he becomes a problem, I can be called upon again. After all, I killed a world-eater. I’m sure one more dragon will not be a problem.


But there was no time to lose. Skyrim was on the verge of true civil war, and so the Imperial Legion marched on Ulfric Stormcloak’s great city and laid it to siege. It was a chaotic battle, with fires set, rubble blocking us, and cheap barricades erected as if they could keep out the might of the Legion.


We eventually came to Ulfric’s hall and, after Rikke and Tullius exchanged words with Ulfric, we set upon him and his bodyguard. The guard fell, and Ulfric surrendered, at the request that I be the one to end his life.

Trators must be put to the steel, of course. And, on a personal note, it was this particular traitor that had me captured, imprisoned, and almost executed for a crime I did not commit. Justice was indeed served that day.


I found it sadly ironic that his axe was named Steel War Axe of Cowardice, after he sought to oppose the powerful empire with a ragtag band of miscreants.

Oh! I forgot to tell you; I had been promoted to Legate, which seems to put me in a very high and impressive standing within the Legion. I was hoping that would mean I would be named as a potential jarl for Windhelm, but alas, it was given to another. The only way I may establish myself there is by helping the townsfolk and proving that… I stopped listening after that. There are other places that know I am loyal. I do not need to own a home in every city in Skyrim.

I returned to Breezehome in Whiterun, where Lydia was waiting, and, after filling her in on my adventures, penned you these last two letters.


Now, I rest. I command the Companions, am a Legate in the Imperial Legion, and have settled myself in this strange country. Perhaps one day I will write about more adventures I pursue, but for now, I am content knowing that what must surely be the biggest adventures of my life have come to a close.

I wish you well, Athena, and pray you come visit me soon.

With respect,



Whew! What a journey! And yet, here I am holding another letter from another adventurer…

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you soon!

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  1. Aw, I’m going to miss the guy. But hey, he deserves some rest from all that shouting!

    As a sidenote, it’s interesting how much more enjoyable Skyrim is if you stick to an alignment instead of doing everything all at once.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right? I can only imagine how much energy shouting can take!!

      I wholeheartedly agree with this. Recently, by the time I reached the end of a huge open-world game I was pretty over it (even Inquisition and Andromeda; I had a lot more fun once I stopped doing every sidequest). But I also might adopt this whole “alignment” thing for future RPGs, even after Year of the RPG is over! It’s really cool having to keep my head in that “RP” mentality. Having never played a tabletop RPG (I know…), this has been a new and enjoyable experience for me!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. And the amount of tea and honey the Dragonborn must go through! 😜

        Yeah, my first playthrough took me months because I’d take almost every s quest thrown my way. And yes, I think it should be a more immersive experience. I have never actively tried to stay within one alignment, but it is worth trying next time I play a RPG.

        No judgement here. Of the traditional tabletop RPGs, I only have one D&D campaign under my belt (a total disaster, it was super fun, but it was a disaster). It is hard finding people to play and harder still to keep everyone on schedule

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Pfft…. I for one think that mask looks stunning! 😛 Nicely done, Ra’zirr! I’m certainly going to miss reading about the little tyrant’s reign of lawful terror, haha.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Nooooooo…. he talked about the civil war! Half of the internet is going to hate him now!

    I do have to agree with LightningEllen. That is a good looking mask. Good show, Ra’zirr! May you have a good retirement.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I know! He’s such a rebel! haha I’m flattered you care so much about his well-being, though 🙂 Also, I hope that the “lawful evil” thing will give each side enough of a pat on the head that no one will be *too* mad…

      He looked pretty badass in it, didn’t he? Yes, thank you; I hope he enjoys his retirement, as well.

      Liked by 1 person

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