Dragon Age Month DLC – The Origin Tale

Welcome to Dragon Age Month! I had so much fun with Mass Effect Month, and it’s not a secret I love Dragon Age even more than I love Mass Effect, so this is a match made in the Golden City. Last time, I erroneously stated that we’d have a post every day, which was part of a different Dragon Age project that morphed into this one. So, every Monday and Friday of this month we’ll be tackling a different question, so be sure to chime in with your own answers each day this month!

Day Two: Which is your go-to origin story?

I remember when I played Dragon Age: Origins for the first time, I told my friend about it, who subsequently got hooked on the game as much as I did (if you can believe that). We were talking about the origin races and I said I chose the Dalish elf backstory, and her reaction was, “Well of course. Yeah I can see that. You are totally the elf type!”


I’m still not sure what that means, but the Dalish elf story is my go-to origins story. It was the first one I played as; I always liked the idea of elves, and I guess the idea of living out in nature like that was also appealing.

If we were going for close seconds, it would probably be the city elf origin, which is also very tragic but really sets the stage for a vengeful Warden, which is an interesting scenario (or a Warden who has to overcome a whole lot of human hatred).

To be honest, there aren’t any origin stories that I dislike, but there is something comforting about the Dalish one. Maybe it’s because it was the first one, maybe there was something about the Warden’s story that resonated with me, or maybe I secretly wish I knew how to use a bow and arrow. Who knows? But the fact remains that I love every moment of it, and it’s my favorite origin in Origins.

What is your favorite origin story? What do you like about it? Are you more of an elf type, dwarf type, or human type (or, I suppose, a qunari type!)? Let me know in the comments!

Dareth shiral,

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  1. In any RPG, if I get an option for my character, they are always going to be an elf and Dragon Age: Origins is no exceptions! The first time I played DA:O, I chose the City Elf story, which certainly let me know how dark DA:O can be. However, like you, there isn’t an origin in the game that I didn’t enjoy. They are so varied that I didn’t feel I was playing the same origin each time.

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    1. Elves for the win! haha My first Warden was the Dalish elf, which gave more of a dark “world” background. When I played the city elf origins… yeah. I can see how that painted a picture of the places Origins could go. I love that there are so many small details that can change based on dialogue; you’re right that even on replays it doesn’t feel like the same origin each time.

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