Happy New Year!

Hello, my favorite readers of the AmbiGaming blog, and happy new year!

2022 has gotten off to quite a busy start over here in the AmbiGaming castle, and you might have noticed that means things have been a little quiet around here. Don’t worry, I haven’t gone anywhere permanently, but as happens as one gets older, I have been hit with a number of real-life things that have resulted in my video game time – and video game blogging time – decreasing substantially.

A few reasons for this:

  • Health issues. I don’t want to get into it, but they’re a big reason I’m doing less. I’ll be okay, don’t worry, it’s nothing terminal, but it’s a long haul that I’m reorganizing my life around and it’s taking time to navigate all that.
  • Despite the above, I’m back to working full-time, and have an intern working with me, which, despite what you may think, actually gives me more work to do. Bonus is that the more I have going on at work, the more complicated things become with figuring out things in regards to that first point, so it’s a good time all around.
  • Other projects. I determined a long time ago that this blog was just something for fun (although I still love the few people who continue to support AmbiGaming over on Patreon because they continue to believe in it and love it as much as I do), and that means that I’ve continued to explore other hobbies. Like writing an original fantasy novel. A few of you might have caught the brief, in-passing tweet I made a long time ago about my fantasy-writing alter-ego on Twitter, but even though I’m not super active online for that, well, writing and publishing a book is its own brand of time consuming.

Having said that, some things to look forward to this year on the blog:

  • Wild chats about Doki Doki Literature Club + and the nature of reality
  • More talking about Doki Doki Literature Club + , but this time with how it relates to the subconscious mind, and whether we ever really can know who we are within the context of our own brain’s processing power
  • Fangirling about Dragon Age: Inquisition, probably, since I’m finally finishing the last DLC this year.
  • I’m sure I will have a lot to say about CrossCode, which is in line as my next game
  • Potential updates on my quest for jaunty hats in GreedFall, and maybe a comment on sumptuary laws on clothing, if I’m feeling particularly sassy
  • Only the first four because I’ve decided to replay the entire Mass Effect Legendary collection.

In any event, I hope you’ll stick with me. I appreciate everyone who stops by with a comment or a like, or even just comes by for a read. I hope this blog has made enough people smile, or think, that even though the conversation may be a little slower on my end for a while, this will still be a place where that can happen.

Until next time, thank you so, so much for stopping by, and I’ll see you soon.
~ Athena

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