Day 1: Video Game Challenge

I fell into the trap. 30 days of video game questions, brought to you by… Facebook? Instagram? Tumblr? Somewhere on the interwebs…

Day 1: Name your very first video game

That depends on what you mean by “first.” The first game that was specifically mine was a game called M.C. Kids on the NES. Because the Nintendo was technically my brother’s – and the games were technically split between him and my sister – I asked Santa for a video game all my own one year. Lo and behold, under the tree that year was this little bundle of joy. It was a platformer, starring two kids named Mic and Mack. Looking back now, it was a nice bit of advertising for McDonalds,since Ronald McDonald, Birdie, the Hamburglar, and all the rest of them are very prominent in the game.


It actually was a lot of fun to play, and I sank a lot of hours into it (never beating it, since I don’t think it had a way to save the game, unlike Mega Man and Zelda). But I enjoyed it all the same, even though the ice levels made me want to pull my hair out sometimes.


The first game I ever played was either Winter Games (anybody remember that one??), Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt (Duck Hunt!!!!) or Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.  I seriously don’t remember which one came first.


What was your first video game?

Until next time, thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you soon!

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  1. I think this was one of the questions I had to answer recently! I don’t remember my very first game, but I remember my first system was ColecoVision and Atari (the latter attached to the former). We had a ton of cartridges for those systems, and that’s where I first cut my gaming teeth, but I can’t recall the specific one I first played. I definitely remember my first NES game: Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt 🙂

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    1. Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt were definitely memorable! I’m not sure how many hours I spent trying to get to level 8-4!! (or how many times that dog laughed at me haha). I just pulled them out again a few months ago (my tube TV is still good for something!) and I was pleasantly surprised that some of those good NES games have stood up well against the test of time too.

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      1. I used to shoot at that dog all the time hehe. That may make me a sadist, but I wanted to knock that stupid grin off his face. I’m pretty sure they didn’t make it possible to shoot him for that very reason.

        Sometimes simplicity is the way to go! They used basic, simple formulas to keep you interested and that will never die.

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  2. Hi there! Thanks for the follow. I’m glad to see you’re taking on the challenge. It was a lot of fun for us to do. As for my first game, uh that’s a toughie. Might’ve been Duck Hunt/Super Mario Bros. or some C64 game with a blue screen where you played as the letter S, can’t remember the title.


    1. Hi! Thank *you* for the follow as well! Yes, I’m having a good time writing about the different games 🙂

      Oh, now I’m in a quandary… My first game *ever* was this simulator thing on an Apple IIe in which you could travel to different planets, input your height, weight, and birthday (I think), and it would tell you how much you’d weigh, how tall you’d be, and how old you’d be based on the gravity and rotation of the planet. (Thrillsville?) It even had a little pixelated person!!

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