Happy New Year! …and Coming Attractions

Hi guys!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas or are continuing to have a Happy Hannukah or are otherwise celebrating the end of the year in some meaningful way! This isn’t going to be a heavy Wednesday post, but I have some exciting new updates for this blog for the coming year!

A New Gamer Appears!

I’m very excited to welcome my friend BadgersAndBowties to the AmbiGaming team! She’ll be joining us every so often with more game and character analyses. In addition to being a video game enthusiast, BadgersAndBowties also has a penchant for table-top games, so I’m so excited for more variety to grace the screen now that she’s on board.  I hope you’ll give her a warm welcome!

A New Quest is Available!

I’m also happy to announce that I am officially a Verified Creator over at NowLoading.co, a video game website that publishes articles on a variety of gaming topics including news, trailer breakdowns, and everything in between. If you wondered at (or noticed?) the abrupt left turn my blog recently took in regards to formatting, aesthetic quality, and the addition of some “lighter” posts, you can thank the verified creator program over there! If you’re feeling friendly, you can hop over and follow me there, as there might be some articles that you haven’t read here yet! Or there will be in the new year, since all this just happened.

A New Challenger Approaches!

And the big one… This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while, and I’ve finally acquired the necessary equipment. I’ve meandered around whether this was a good idea or not, and… I’m planning on starting a Let’s Play channel on YouTube. <looks around as crickets chirp>


Yes, yes, I know, but after the agonizing weeks leading up to starting this blog as I waffled back and forth about whether everything would work out alright, I wasn’t sure I wanted to try and start another project, let alone a project that is so time consuming and has such potential to go over like a lead balloon. But gosh darn it, I want to try. I’m hoping to have it up and running sometime in January… so, knowing me, it should be ready to go by March (haha?). But seriously, if you ever wondered if I’m as good at playing video games as I am analyzing them, I’d love your support with that if when that happens. Details will follow as events warrant!

So there you have it! I never would have thought that four months ago I’d be bringing on another person, writing for an actual gaming website, or considering putting up videos on YouTube. Hopefully all these projects will continue to be as enjoyable as this blog as been, and I’ll see you all on the interwebs next year!


~ Athena

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  1. I will definitely follow you on YouTube. I LOVE Let’s Plays and am planning on some myself. Granted I am a total noob and know nothing about the logistics, but I’ll cross that bridge when i come to it. Please let us know when you start, because all the support!

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