VGC Day 6: So Annoying…

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Day 6: Name the most annoying character you can think of

Well then. I can think of two, and honestly I can’t decide which one I find more annoying.

First there’s Issun from Okami.


This guy… I suppose he has his uses, but all I remember is him jumping up and down on Amaterasu’s nose like it was a trampoline, alternating between telling me I had no idea what I was doing, or otherwise hand-holding me through the game because he quite possibly thought I’d forget to breathe unless he reminded me. Just… ugh. I’m not sure any other NPC has ever made me quite so angry by merely existing.

Except maybe for this gem:


Fi from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Again, Fi had her uses, like kindly telling me when the batteries on the Wii remote were dying. And she had a neat backstory that added a little bit of interest to the Master Sword lore.

Unfortunately, this was completely overshadowed by her other “helpful” tips, like telling me that there was an 86.2213% chance enemies were about to attack (just as bokoblins were bearing down on me), or cheerfully reminding me that potion shops were for buying potions, or interrupting gameplay with vital information about how an insect’s wings indicates it can fly, or… for the love of Nayru can we have Midna back yet??

What video game character do you find most annoying?

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you soon!

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  1. Yuffie from FFVII annoyed me so freaking much. I get irritated by overly hyper characters and people in real life. That paired with her stealing your materia just made her a more irksome, annoying teenage princess who was acting out to get back at her father. Then there’s Edward and Edge from FFIV. Edward is probably my least favorite Final Fantasy character of all time, so it’s a little bit more than annoying lol. Edge has that cocky attitude that just rubs me the wrong way.

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      1. Right? It’s funny because the Edge “archetype” is used elsewhere, and it doesn’t annoy me as much. He’s the combination thief and “ladies man” character. FFVI does it with Edgar (and the thief part with Locke whom I don’t hate) whom is one of my favorite characters, but Edge is just cocky, and I abhor that kind of attitude. Edward is useless, and I wished he’d drowned in the ocean lol.

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  2. Generally speaking, I find the most annoying characters tend to be a combination of egotistical, antagonistic, and inexplicably popular with the fanbase, thus ensuring they’ll get a lot of exposure if the creators pay attention to them. It’s possible to make a character with that combination genuinely interesting or funny, but when they aren’t, it’s unbelievably tedious.

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  3. Oh Fi was so annoying, but she didn’t annoy me nearly as much as The Imprisoned boss. I lost count of how many times I had to fight that damn thing in Skyward Sword and Hyrule Warriors.

    I want to say Navi, mostly because on my 20th time through the game she still stopped me to inform me how to open a door. Also I knew exactly where I was going so she really needed to stop “Hey listening” me. Poor Link. I’m going to say OoT’s Kaepora Gaebora: the owl who makes sure you actually read what he said. If you accidentally clicked the wrong answer, you’d get to hear his entire spiel again. Yay…

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    1. I forgot about Kaepora Gaebora! haha Yeah….. hoot hoot.

      And whenever I saw The Imprisoned, I always thought it looked like a giant fuzzy avocado, which sort of ruined the mood a bit for me… it was really annoying, though. I agree!

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