Mako 2.0

Only 10 more days!

Since I know you guys are all wondering, here are all the things we know about the Nomad, Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s equivalent of everyone’s my favorite physics-defying tank.

#6. You can return to the Tempest from the Nomad at any time without going into the menu screen, simply by holding down the evacuation button.

#5.5. There is an evacuation button.

#5. It does not have a turret or any other type of gun.

Image result for nomad mass effect

#4. The Nomad, like the Mako, can effectively kill people by running them over.

#3. Controls are similar to the Mako, except a little tighter

Image result for sony controller

#2. To climb up impossible inclines or perform otherwise-physically-impossible driving maneuvers, the Nomad has a “second gear” it can use in those instances. So now it has a clear reason for being able to defy physics, other than “Screw you. I’m the Mako.”

#2. Even if you don’t purchase the super-duper Collector’s Edition of the game, BioWare made little die-cast replicas of the Nomad so you can have your own itty bitty tank.

Related image
“Vroom-vroom” noises not included

#1.5. It’s not technically a tank, since it doesn’t have a gun.

#1. It doesn’t bounce 😦

But my question is: does it still hop?

giphy (6).gif

What’s your best (or most vivid) Mako memory? Are you looking forward to ground exploration in Mass Effect: Andromeda? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time, thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you soon!
~ Athena

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  1. This tank thing looks so damn fun to drive around in! Yet another reason why I need to play Mass Effect before my life’s Game Over. 🙂

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