A Well-Red Interview

We were interviewed by none other than the well-cultured and well-read Well-Red Mage! Head on over and check out the full transcript; he certainly threw some difficult questions my way, and I had a lot of fun speaking with him!

Today I bring you a paragon of both critical and balanced thinking for our dozenth blogger interview: none other than Athena Veta, aka the AmbiGamer of AmbiGaming. Being named after the Grecian deity of wisdom and craft must’ve paid off, because this is a blogger who treats the subject of gaming to the intense scrutiny of her intellect. We became embroiled in a discussion of hot topics concerning gender and gaming, and yet came out unscathed with our separate opinions in tact. Miraculum! You will not find many moderate and fair-minded writers who take gaming seriously like Athena, who are able to touch on touchy issues not with the force of a glass hammer but with the distinctive precision of a writer, so I hope you enjoy our conversations as much as I did.

For the full interview, check out The Well-Red Mage’s page here.

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