Let’s Talk About…: Kingdom Hearts

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Let’s Talk About… Kingdom Hearts

This is one of those games I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never played. I saw the art for it and thought that it just looked so dopey.

Image result for dopey
Pun definitely intended

In all seriousness, when I first saw the game way back in 2002, my teenage brain looked at it and said that it was probably just like Final Fantasy, only this time with Disney characters. So I obviously wouldn’t like it.

Well, it sort of is like Final Fantasy with Disney characters, and I’m pretty sure some Final Fantasy characters drop into the game at times, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad game.

Image result for sephiroth in kingdom hearts
The original AU crossover?

Unfortunately, though, I still haven’t gotten into this series, and it’s not one that I’ve really seen any reason to make room in my “to play” pile for. I don’t know anyone who is a hard-core fan, and as much as I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Final Fantasy games overall, they haven’t converted me into someone who is dying to play Kingdom Hearts.

Don’t get me wrong. I’d probably love it! It’s an action RPG and I love action RPGs. Additionally, the original Kingdom Hearts was released back in 2002 for the Playstation 2, and we all know the solid lineup that console had! If that weren’t enough, it seems to have a really solid story. Maybe one day! So I ask…

Have you played any Kingdom Hearts game? Did you like it? Am I missing out? Should I play it right away? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you soon!
~ Athena

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  1. If you had caught me about 2 years ago, I would have been your diehard fan friend you’re talking about 😂. They’ve sort of lost my absolute loyalty from milking all these remakes, but since I’m on the Kingdom Hearts train I have to finish it. When it originally came out I also though Disney and Final Fantasy was an awful crossover idea, but you come for the crossovers and you stay for the Kingdom Hearts characters. We’re all on board because we love the shit out of Sora, Riku, Roxas, Axel, Aqua, Kairi, Ventus, Terra, Xion, and others.

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    1. Haha nice! I’m glad this is a crossover that worked out! I mean, I know it has a lot of fans, so it must be doing something right. But I’m glad that it morphed itself into something deeper than “that Disney/Final Fantasy crossover game.”

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  2. I have been a diehard fan ever since the first game. I have played every iteration on all of the different consoles. I’ve beaten kingdom hearts one and two so many times that replaying them actually creates a pain in my stomach like I have just eaten every piece of cake at a bakery and more just appears. That being said, the PlayStation exclusive releases are fantastic, while the handheld creations are kinda hit and miss. You can get away with watching a YouTube video on Chain of Memories and 368/2 days and still have a good time with the series. Not playing it when it came out might put you in a disadvantage and you may not get the full enjoyable experience due to the fact that the graphics are pretty blocky and really hasn’t aged well. However, with the recent release of the Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer and the release date next year, I would recommend picking it up and giving it a chance.

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    1. Hm, That’s what I’ve heard. And wow! You’re quite the fan 🙂 Isn’t it funny how some games just seem to age better than others? I’m not a stickler for shiny graphics, so that certainly wouldn’t sway me one way or another. Maybe I’ll check out some Let’s Plays and see if it grabs my attention now more than it once did!

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  3. It’s kind of an awesome series that has gotten to the point of making absolutely zero sense to me anymore. I love Disney though and mixing it with Final Fantasy, one of my favorite gaming series, was a great mash-up. I’d say if you are interested in the series, track down a copy of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 & 2.5 Remix for PS4. It has remastered versions of both the original games in one package. The original doesn’t hold up great, although I actually love it the most, but II is a great playing game and well worth your time.

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    1. Zero sense? So… it’s like Metal Gear Solid…? 😀 haha

      Someone else commented on the game not aging well, so now I’m hesitant to pick up an old copy. Maybe I’ll check out the remastered version, or at least a Let’s Play of it, and see if my thoughts have changed. Like I said, it seems like it would be a game I’d enjoy; I’m glad it’s not “too late” to get involved!

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      1. Actually, yes its narrative is as obtuse as Metal Gear. It’s there for those willing to dig deep and try and connect the dots but for most people it is utter nonsense that strays farther and farther from what it started out as.

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  4. I played the first Kingdom Hearts game for a bit in high school. I made it to the Atlantica stage before I put it down and never came back to it. I love action RPGs so I’m not sure why I lost interest… I guess I’ve never been a huge Disney fan, and I’m still a Final Fantasy n00b so maybe that’s why? *shrugs* I do plan to go back to it, someday. There are just too many great games I have to save from the clutches of my evil backlog monster 😦

    Now if a certain pink haired warrior goddess makes her way into Kingdom Hearts 3, I may have to shift my priorities A LOT, haha. Oh and I know a not-really-narcissistic blogger who will love the 2nd picture in your article 🙂

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    1. You’re not a Disney fan? Huh, for some reason I thought you would be. That’s cool, though. It’s one I’m on the fence about still, but with such praise coming from other comments I’m might at least check out a Let’s Play of it, especially with a new title coming out soon.

      Haha well that would be interesting, wouldn’t it? And yes, I *may* have looked for that specifically…. 😉

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      1. Yep, Disney is pretty meh to me. Video games have always been my preferred form of entertainment so I wasn’t really into their movies/cartoons as a kid. I’ll take Mario over Mickey Mouse any day, haha. My big exception is Mulan. I loved that movie so much and her story really resonated with young me. She’s the most underrated Disney Princess ever!

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  5. If anything you should listen to the theme song of the first game (and maybe a couple of the dozens of remixes there are out there). I remember watching my cousin play the two first games, and thinking the lore and story were pretty solid, but I didn’t have a PlayStation 2 and I am afraid I missed the Kingdom Hearts train.

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    1. This is the first comment to recommend I listen to the music, and for that, I thank you.

      You’re not the first person to say that not jumping on the train at the beginning will make it harder to get involved now. I still might check it out, at least passively on a Let’s Play, and make another decision, but I will definitely check out the music!


      1. I should mention that both “Simple and Clean” and “Sanctuary” are very of their time, but even if you don’t like Japanese pop from the 2000s, I feel like they are a must of the Kingdom Hearts experience. And for a while that song Simple and Clean was everywhere, especially in gymnastics and skating events around the time it came out.

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  6. Ehhhhhhhhh I dunno. I think that they haven’t aged particularly well. I love them, but they’re a very specific *thing.* They’re fun and lighthearted (sort of) and the story makes less than zero sense. You’ve got some good star power (James Woods comes back to voice Hades, for instance) and it’s fun and funny to see how they weave Disney characters into this epic, bizarre and very self-serious fantasy narrative. I think they’re worth looking into.

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    1. Haha I’m hearing lots of comments about it not aging well, and other saying I can still jump in. I’m sticking to checking out a Let’s Play at this point! haha

      I heard that they got some original voice actors in on the action, and that’s pretty cool. Simple fun is also always appreciated!!


  7. I played it back in the PS2 and it was kinda the perfect game, as I’m a huge FF fan but not into Disney… and my wife was the exact opposite! So we both got something out of it 🙂

    The only trouble was… for all its lovely casual appeal, the RPG elements kicked in HARD and ultimately it got to difficult for me to get past certain bosses. So we gave up. It was the same for KH2, and I never really looked back at the series since then.

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  8. I have indeed played Kingdom Hearts and I loved it, I still love it. I actually played it for the first time with 18 years, but I’ve always wanted to play it before that. I’m a big Square fan, and also the artist’s (Tetsuya Nomura), and this franchise gripped me deeply.
    I do think you’re missing out if you enjoyed the Final Fantasy games, though don’t go expecting that it’s the same experience as that, cause it isn’t.
    I still haven’t played the side games, there’s a LOT of games tbh 😹, but I love all the original KH characters. They have meat to them, and they’re not all good and bad, but most of them are gray, which I really appreciate!
    I’ve been lusting for KH3 for years, so I’m really bummed I can’t play it because they’re not doing a Vita release too. I don’t have a PS3 nor 4 :/
    I still feel like the older entries are pretty, but then I’m suspicious because I feel like most PS2 gamss are still pretty (not all, mind you 😹), especially when compared to PS1 games hah.
    A great thing is how good the voice actors are. The actor for Sora is the kid (no longer a kid, but in my mind he stays a kid) from the Sixth Sense and A.I., which blew my mind when I discovered that 😹
    That said, my fave KH is the first one. I got annoyed by second game being a lot more hand-holding, also by a new character which wasn’t working for me, but then it really picked up and I like that character now xP
    Another great thing is the soundtrack, the composer pulls at my heart strings every time. I get teary-eyed at the theme song (not the Utada Hikaru song, but the Main Menu, and that passes the most), she really did an excellent job on it. Plus she composed FF15’s soundtrack too, so that shows how skilled and versatile she is 👌
    You’re still definitely in time to catch this train, since KH3 is gonna finish this current story/arc, so you’re right on time before it comes out 👌

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    1. Wow! Sounds like you’ve had a great time with the series so far! That’s cool about the voice actor; I wondered what happened to him 😉

      Yeah I figure PS2 games have, for the most part, held up well. I might check out a Let’s Play before jumping into another series, though,even though it sounds like fun 🙂


      1. I only noticed how long my comment was after I posted, sorry! 😹😹
        I wondered too, that’s why I was surprised to discover he became a voice actor 👌
        Definitely check a let’s play of it if you’re in limbo about it, it’s really enjoyable as a “movie” too 👀✨
        Also let me tell you a secret
        /whispers a lot of us really like shipping the KH crew, so you might find a lot of fanart, comments, etc of that sort /coughs/
        /shifty eyes
        /hides stash and whistles innocently

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  9. I played KH and KH 2. I’ve… not really liked them. The original Kingdom Hearts was one of my least favorite games for a long while, in fact. Just feels like formula, barely requires any interaction, meh. KH 2 was a little bit better at varying up the pressing ‘x’ simulator, but still, not a great experience.

    I’ve replayed through them both more recently, and had an alright time, so maybe it’s something that matures with age. Not much, but still, a little.

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    1. So the games seem to be getting mixed reviews. I’ve been questioning whether their really worth the time investment, and I’m thinking that a Let’s Play is still the way to go, that way if it’s annoying I didn’t waste money, too.

      I think that should be a genre of games: “Press ‘X’ Simulator.”


  10. Prepare to be shocked…I’ve never played KH either. Oh of course I’ve seen the Sephiroth fight many, many times (Lance Bass of N Sync does his voice. I’m actually serious), and I’ve mercilessly made fun of my husband for losing to him, but completely opposite to you, I dislike action RPGS lol. Well not as much as I used to I suppose. I’ll probably give it a play someday. I guess I could technically say that Sephiroth is now a Disney villain ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. !!

      And disliking action RPGs is a perfectly legitimate lifestyle! haha I didn’t know Lance Bass voiced Sephiroth; that’s pretty cool.

      Yes! That’s probably on par with my excitement when Princess Leia became a Disney princess, too 😉

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      1. I know, right? If my husband ever gets beaten by Sephiroth in KH again, I’m going to run out and scream, “He just told you ‘Bye Bye Bye,’ then run away because I would utterly deserve to be murdered lol.

        I actually had this list of reasons why Disney should buy Squeenix lol. I was so annoyed with the latter that I just went off on a rant about it.


        1. Yes! That would be amazing, even if you had to run haha

          That would be interesting; I’m actually not usually a fan of big companies eating other companies for long, boring reasons, but Disney buying Squeenix would definitely add a certain flavor to their products, wouldn’t it?

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  11. I would definitely give it a chance the later games have alot of amazing combo moves and you can customize the main characters abilities and keyblade. The game originally even to me seemed like it was for little kids but the deeper you get into the game the more you see that it has alot of complex themes like possession, time travel and even death. So I would definitely give the game a chance but it doesn’t start getting really good until kingdom hearts 2 so try to hold out all judgements until then.

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    1. Thanks for the comment! It seems like a game that requires a little bit of a “warm up” before it starts to “feel good,” as it were… Although the later games do sound pretty neat! I’ll continue to think about it. Maybe watching a let’s play is in my future for this one 🙂


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