Let’s Talk About…: Team Fortress 2

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Let’s Talk About… Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is sadly a game that I’ve missed because I never have luck playing first-person shooter games. When I was little, I had no problem with first-person games – at least, I never had a problem with the (only) one I played. But now I get dizzy and nauseous and, if it’s really bad, I will actually start to feel almost claustrophobic because of the limited viewing screen. This is a very interesting phenomenon for me, because I’m not claustrophobic (and have the MRI scans under my belt to prove it), and I’m one of those people who can spin around a lot and still not get dizzy (which I will now demonstrate on an office chair. See?). So… apparently first-person shooter games are just my kryptonite. I keep trying, though.

Image result for team fortress 2

Having said all that, this is a game I know a bit about, because I wanted to play it so very badly. When I found The Orange Box collection for Playstation 3, you bet I snapped one up.

Now, for those of you who don’t know, Team Fortress 2 is a pretty unique online multiplayer game, as it’s fairly well-known for its characters and story (and it does have a single-player story mode if you’d rather stay offline) . It was those two points that drew me toward it, and the more I learned about it, the more I wanted to get in on the action. There’s a class of avatar for any sort of playing style; of course you have your heavies, and then you have varying rangers and rogues, which are of course my favorites.

Image result for team fortress 2 sniper
A sniper who wears glasses. See? I knew I was on to something!

Probably my favorite character based on personality would be Pyro, the pyromaniac. While there’s nothing particularly interesting about wanting to set everything on fire, Pyro appears to see the world much differently than the rest of us.

Related image

What does this mean? Does it mean he is delusional and really thinks he firing rainbows instead of fire from his gun? Or does fire just make him so happy that he perceives the world as magical as we might perceive a world full of whimsy and color?

I never played the game, so I don’t know the answer. But let me tell you, as soon as they have sea-sickness medicine for first-person games, I will be all over trying to find out the answer.

What about you? Have you ever played Team Fortress 2? Is it as good as everyone says? Tell me about your favorite moment, if you have one, so I can live the adventure vicariously through you!

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you soon!
~ Athena

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  1. I’ve tried Team Fortress 2 when I got the Orange Box years ago but no one was really playing it (I had the 360 version) and those that were, were mostly just screwing around doing goofy things instead of playing the game. It kind of turned me off to it as a whole, even though I know it is a huge thing on PC.

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  2. I tend not to play many games online, and thus I haven’t played much Team Fortress 2. I do like its aesthetics, though, and having character classes to perform different jobs offers a level of strategy lacking in many multiplayer shooters.

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  3. I don’t really play online games anymore, particularly FPSes. Being really bad at them was always a bummer!

    I got into TF2 for probably 20 hours or so last year, and it was a fun time. It’s easy to get lucky and have fun even if you aren’t very good. I usually just went Medic and kept the good people alive. One of the gentler FPSes and the community is pretty cool.

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    1. Yeah I don’t play them, so I’m fairly awful at them, as well. It’s nice to know the community is nice! Another commenter said that the players were more interested in fooling around than playing, so maybe the chill attitude is why 🙂

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  4. Yes, MRI scans are fun… NOT! 🙂 I’m not big on FPS games, but there are always a few exceptions. I mostly hate online multiplayer FPS games though, for various reasons (the big one being I suck, haha), so this looks like a pass. On a side note, Goldeneye 007 on the N64 is probably my all-time fav shooter game.

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    1. To judge from the comments, it seems like TF2 is a pretty goofy game with a relaxed online community, but… still first-person (sigh).

      My friend loved Goldeneye 007! I was… already not so great with the first-person, but I enjoyed watching him play it haha. I can definitely see why it would be a favorite!

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  5. I dabbled a bit with TF2 when it came out. Had fun with some friends, and had fun being the medic, or the tank dude. Did ok with them. I didn’t stick around too long, as I found the scene a bit too competitive, at least the way my friends were playing. But now with Overwatch, I find that gives me what I loved, if not more from TF2, so I’m pretty content with that.

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      1. I don’t know if it was built around TF2 or it’s ideas. I do feel they are similar both in style and how each character has specific roles to play. But fun regardless. It’s quite accessible, as someone who isn’t that great at FPS’s, I manage to do pretty decent.

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  6. There’s nothing interesting about wanting to set everything on fire? Man, there’s a year in my life I’d like to take back.

    Team Fortress 2 is apparently great for griefing, judging from all the Youtube videos I’ve watched several times over. Never gotten into it myself. I don’t really like playing games with people I don’t know, so… yeah, I’m not exactly target market for this.

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    1. Well, I suppose it’s just a little interesting…..

      Fair enough! I can see how playing with strangers wouldn’t be as fun, and I’m not exactly the target market, either. I don’t think anyone wants someone on their team who feels sick if the camera swings around too wildly.

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  7. In retrospect I may have enjoyed TF2 because Blizzard pinched some of their ideas when making Overwatch, which I love. Never gave TF2 a chance because I usually hate FPS titles.

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    1. That’s fair. It’s not my genre, either. This one caught my eye because of the story aspect, which I think Overwatch expanded on (?). Glad you’re having a good time with it! I think I’ll stay over here in third-person land for a while, though…..

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