Blogger Blitz: Retail Rumble – Indiana Jones vs. Lightning Farron

Some of you may not know, but I’m part of a great #BloggerBlitz sponsored by Adventure Rules. Four weeks of competitions, with video game characters going head-to-head on wildly imaginative tasks? Yes, it is as awesome as it sounds.

No, no. I’m not competing, but I’m honored to be one of 5 judges and… Well Ian does a much better job explaining it.

Anyway, the results are in for the first competition, and I highly suggest you check it out!

Adventure Rules

Hello adventurers and welcome to the first match of the Blogger Blitz competition! Today, NekoJonez and LightningEllen face off in the ultimate test of ability – salesmanship. Each blogger has selected a character to bring to the match, and their mission is to prove that their character can choose and market a better product than their opponent.

To compete, each blogger submitted an article earlier this week on Monday. If you’ve missed those articles, you’ll want to read them first, as this post will discuss the results of their bout. You can read the argument for Indiana Jones here, and the argument for Lightning Farron here. Be sure to check out the articles and give those bloggers a follow if you haven’t yet!

Once those posts were submitted, a panel of five hardworking judges began analyzing. They looked at the characters, their products, and their marketing strategies to…

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One comment

  1. That was a fun fight and I don’t envy the judge role, at all. You and the other 4 did a fantastic job fairly critiquing the entries though. I look forward to seeing how the other matches turn out. This is such a fun event! I’m glad Adventure Rules started it 😀

    And jeez, you weren’t kidding when you said you’re a judge-y little punk! Rawr, I guess… eh? 🙂

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