Blogger Blitz: Dance Off – Mega Man vs. Pokemon Ranger

Back for another great week of Blogger Blitz? Adventure Rules has you covered! Grab your dancing shoes and join the Well-Red Mage and Mega Man as they try to convince the judges the Blue Bomber has what it takes to make a great music video!

Adventure Rules

Hello again, adventurers, and welcome to the third match of Blogger Blitz Round One! Last week you saw the race of a lifetime when Guybrush Threepwood and Claire Redfield tried to outrun both their opponent and the demonic hound Cerberus, all while delivering the mail for a typical suburban neighborhood. This week we’re forgoing physical danger for something much more awful: the crippling humiliation of being outclassed on the dance floor.

Don’t know the rules? Here are the basics. Each week, the two competing bloggers post their argument for why their character would be the best at the randomly-chosen event. They have only 500 words to make their point, so they have to work quickly and skillfully to prove their worth to our five very discerning judges. For this week’s match, we’re seeing the results of the battle between Mega Man (sponsored by The Well-Red Mage) and Pokemon…

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  1. Ian’s epic drawings are my favourite part of this whole competition 😂

    And no, I haven’t been secretly gathering information on Mega Man… *whistles innocently before flashing away*

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