Mass Effect Month: Day 6 – Boy Friends

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Mass Effect Month, Day 6: Who is your favorite male companion character?

Oh, well that’s easy.

Image result for garrus and thane

Oh. Well maybe it’s not as easy as I thought.

Garrus is obviously a strong candidate, because he’s Shepard’s bro through the entire trilogy. As a romance option he’s kind and considerate toward Shepard, and, although I can’t quite see the physical attraction to a guy that looks like a cross between a bug and a cat, he’s always there for Shepard, even when she’s working for Cerberus. Maybe he realizes she needs people she can trust watching her back.

Tactically, it’s also possible to level Garrus so he is a god of war and destruction. In this case, the Reapers may have the geth, but Shepard has a Garrus. And their last conversation before the final push against the Reapers actually made me tear up a bit when they were talking about getting a drink at the bar in Heaven, as long as turian and human heaven were the same place.


Of course, when it comes to Thane… I love Thane. He’d be the kind of guy I’d love to just sit around and have a philosophical discussion with. Thane falls into Shepard’s life as he’s actively dying and Shepard is recovering from actively being dead, and I always got the feeling that this was something they really bonded over, although neither really talked about it.

I suppose if I’m going to talk about him as a romance option, I should make a comment about his looks since I took that shot at Garrus, so I suppose Thane looks like a cross between a parrot and a lizard. But my Shepard may or may not have loved him anyway. I guess there’s really no accounting for taste? As a companion, I loved going out with Thane, even though I often play as a rogue character, because he was such a badass, really. If he was on my team, we won. Like, it was scary how well we worked together.

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Oh, and don’t even get me started on what happens in Mass Effect 3. Never has a video game character made me cry the way Thane did in that game. I mean, seriously. It’s almost more poignant if he and Shepard weren’t in a relationship, because his only thought was to pray for Shepard. Not himself. Not his son. But his friend.

So, I suppose this means that as favorite male companion characters, Garrus and Thane are tied. But if we’re going for favorite male character, then…

Image result for thane

What about you? Who is your favorite male companion character from Mass Effect? What about favorite male character? Let me know in the comments!

I should go,
~ Athena

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  1. I did find Thane to be a very beautiful character but I’ve left of the romance until I’ve played enough times to get all the dialogue options write for a new character I’m planning to build. Cameron Shepard (Sentinel) will pursue Liara but choose Kaidan, rebound with Thane and, in her grief, go running into the arms of Liara again.


  2. Garrus hands down. Loved him in ME1, and each time he made his re-appearances in the subsequent games, i can help to be overflowed with joy each time I saw his face and heard his awesome voice. Garrus is the man!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m also torn between Garrus and Thane, haha. My Shepard went with the Thane romance option in ME2 because I was curious. My ace Shepard doesn’t have aesthetic attraction so physical looks don’t matter to her. 😛 I liked the benevolent assassin persona and his deep thoughts on life. His voice is also badass! The Thane romance option was kinda meh to me, but that scene in ME3 did make me cry. And Garrus is my sarcastic BFF and I love everything about him, haha. You know what? I think Garrus just edges out Thane for my favourite male companion, now that I think about it. Garrus and Shepard have had each others backs for the entire 3 games, pretty much 🤔

    For favourite male character, overall, I’d also have to mention Captain Anderson. The war buddy bond him and Shepard form over the course of three games is awesome. He even trusted Shepard when she was playing for Team Cerberus. That ending in ME3, though… 😭

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Man, you have the feels all over the place! 😛 Well, you know my feelings about Thane, but Garrus is also pretty awesome……..

      Captain Anderson! Yes, he’s a great guy, as well, and seeing their relationship evolve was really awesome.
      …but maybe he’s the one that destroyed the Reapers?? 😛

      Liked by 1 person

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