Mass Effect Month: Day 5 – Playing With Favorites

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Mass Effect Month, Day 5: Who is your favorite character?

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So many great options! Okay, no. I got this. There are a lot of great Mass Effect NPCs, and a lot of reasons to love them.

Not surprisingly, my favorite character is…

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Tali’Zorah vas Normandy. Or, perhaps more accurately at this point, Tali’Zorah vas Rannoch.

I’m not sure if it’s possible to dislike Tali. She’s incredibly intelligent, kind, and funny. She’s sweet and disarming, but can hold her own in a fight (for the most part). Another great thing about her is that you really never see her face, so if Shepard/you fall in love with her, it really has nothing to do with how she looks, does it? And, perhaps even more importantly, just because of how she was written, Tali starts off as a friend, and then it grows to something more than that. She’s never thrown herself at Shepard like some others might (cough Liara cough).

Like Garrus, Tali’s personality and relationship to Shepard are based solely on her interactions with him/her. So, for me, it’s no surprise how many Talimancers and Garrusmancers are out there, even with Kaiden and Ashley and the zillion other people you could have a relationship with, and even with Tali only having glowing white eyes visible and Garrus looking like a cross between a cat and a bug. They show us that it’s what’s inside that counts.

Image result for tali'zorah mask off rannoch
And not what’s behind the mask.

But I digress.

Another reason I like Tali is, honestly, because of the state of the quarians. I always thought that the quarians were hated not just because of the whole geth thing, but because they were smarter than the other species in the galaxy (as per they created AI before anyone else) and therefore feared or hated. But Tali never held any of that against anyone. She knew it was there, it bothered her, but instead of becoming a quari-nazi she spoke out when she had to, but otherwise simply set an example through her actions.

In-game (as FemShep), she was like a sister, and she and Shepard went on most missions together. I’m actually glad she wasn’t a romance option for FemShep for just that reason, too. While I think my Shepard might have gone for her, this gave her an opportunity to have a really close friend and not have to worry about all that romance and attraction awkwardness, and that’s important, too.

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And most importantly, during Mass Effect 2, she doesn’t agree that Shepard is working for Cerberus, comments on it, but still manages to support her friend. While I respect Ashley/Kaiden for calling Shepard out and walking away, Tali knows enough to see that Shepard isn’t in a great situation, and decides to join him/her because they’re friends.

There’s something very reassuring about that.

Other Reasons

As if you needed more, right?

Well okay. She has a battle drone named Chatika vas Paus because tee hee Baldur’s Gate reference.

Image result for chiktikka vas paus

Oh, also, she says this:

Image result for tali mass effect fields hips

Oh, Tali. It’s okay. Your suit will filter the alcohol out soon.

I even have a little statuette of her that my friend gave to me, and I never get statuettes of characters from games. So that is how deeply I love Tali.

What about you? Who is your favorite character from the Mass Effect series? What do you like best about them? Let me know in the comments!

I should go,
~ Athena

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  1. My favourite character is Zaeed Massani. Some people find him irritating but I thought he was one of the more grounded/realistic characters. It helps that he was one of the few AI characters the player didn’t have to babysit. I was disappointed that he was given a raw deal in ME3 (along with Kasumi).

    I think he also shows up a lot of people’s weird biases in science-fiction, when players (I’ve observed) think he’s gross or disgusting or evil but then claim to love Wrex. They’ve more-or-less had the same kind of life and certainly both done a considerable number of despicable things but Wrex seems to get a pass either because he seems to regard his crimes with gruff indifference or, more likely, because he’s a big space lizard.

    I also think he shows up the more melodramatic characters like Jack. When I’m in a sympathetic mood, I can involve myself with Jack’s trauma but, when I’m feeling cynical, Zaeed feels like the only character whose actually been through hell.

    When I was younger, my favourite character was Legion because I’d been interested in the Geth from ME1 and had a theory that they weren’t as evil as they seemed. Since then, however (and especially after ME3 turned them into Woobies), I’ve lost some of my interest in them. It also doesn’t help that Legion (supposedly a super-computer) makes weird errors when speaking to Shepard (such as referring to the conversation between Shepard and Sovereign as having taken place on Illos, when it actually took place on Virmire).

    It also makes me wonder what exactly the team working on ‘Overlord’ were smoking when they implied that the electronic stuttering the Geth make is real speech, when Legion specifically rejects that idea. Were they just not told by the main team? Did nobody quality check the thing?


  2. Tali is an awesome character! I definitely considered her a BFF during my playthrough (like pretty much all the characters, haha). I also couldn’t stop laughing at the remarks she made while EDI and Traynor were talking about super awkward things during the Citadel DLC party 😂

    I’d have to say Liara is my favourite! Not only does she sound like my shero, for some reason, I loved the super best friendship my Shepard developed with her during the trilogy. My sarcastic turian friend Garrus is a close second, but damn, I really do love all the characters in this game series, haha. 🌌💗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YES YES YES haha And that conversation with EDI and Traynor is amazing. Poor Tali, poisoning herself with cheese. Or getting an omni-tat/omni-too….

      Aw, Liara haha Yeah she’s a good one, and definitely very loyal (even though she gave Shepard’s body to Cerberus). But yeah. There are no bad characters.

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