Mass Effect Month: Day 7 – Girl Friends

We’re back with our month-long Mass Effect challenge! For previous days, click here.

Mass Effect Month, Day 7: Who is your favorite female companion character?

Oh, well that’s easy.

… you know what? No. I’m not falling for that again.

The answer honestly is, “it depends.” There are female characters that I loved taking with me on missions, and there are a few that I never took on missions but loved to pieces as characters.

I tended toward a real “Team Girl Squad” when I played, with Ashley and Tali (or sometimes Liara) complimenting my Shepard’s amazing infiltrator skills. Ashley was a straight up badass soldier who always had my back, and I loved Tali’s tech prowess, and that she would run in like Rambo with her shotgun and light armor. Liara was a fantastic biotic, especially in the third game, and I really loved her character arc, especially with a romanced Shepard.

Image result for liara t'soni fare meter
If this doesn’t say “lover’s spat” I don’t know what does…

Of course, off the battlefield I also really liked Jack and Miranda for their own reasons. And honestly, my respect for Jack’s design rose when she thought my Shepard was flirting with her because she was being nice. While that’s mortifying in real life, it was a nice attention to detail and touch of realism. Miranda is just… I just love her. She’s like Space-Morrigan, and I love her. She just wants to be good so badly. And I’m a sucker for stories of sisters.

Image result for miranda and oriana

And then of course we have Andromeda to contend with. Cora is just awesome, and Vetra is a great solider who I can count on to watch “my six” as I suppose the saying goes. Who to choose, who to choose?

Oh, who am I kidding? This one was really easy.

Image result for tali'zorah

Yeah. She’s back. And so you don’t have to listen to me ramble about how amazing Tali is again, I’ll just leave this here for your enjoyment!

What about you? Who is your favorite female companion? What do you like about her? Let me know in the comments!

I should go,
~ Athena

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  1. I really like Ashley but, when you take ME2 and 3 into account, she’s essentially a broken character – with a weird personality shift in ME2 and then an absurd makeover in ME3.

    Liara also underwent a radical personality shift after ME1, so I’m left without a clear favourite. I quite liked Samantha Traynor but I thought that she should’ve been split in two; a Chambers replacement (or just Chambers herself, with better dialogue) and the exclusive same-sex female romance in a squad-member (like Captain Riley, or something). I thought it seemed weird to have both “gay options” touted by the team as a sign of progress (or whatever) be unimportant supporting characters rather than squad mates (especially egregious when ME3 already cut down on the squad numbers to begin with).

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  2. It’s hard to pick one, regardless of my choices for romance. I think I’m with you that Tali is the most interesting character. I still remember her telling me of her and her families travels in their ships across the galaxy and how the hum of the ship was very soothing to her.

    I ended up romancing Ashely in ME1, Miranda in ME2 and AShley again in ME3. Ashley did go through radical changes in ME3, she at least looked like a completely different character.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tali was so interesting 🙂

      I feel a bit bad for Ashley, since ME3 needed to be written in order to make sense with either Ashley or Kaiden to be in that spot, and so I think both of them sort of became an “average” of the two of them to make it work. I know some people were upset about how she was more “sexualized” (via wearing her hair down???) but I figure if she can read poetry, drill an enemy between the eyes, and be a Spectre, she can wear her hair however she darn well pleases. Miranda’s great, too, though. I haven’t played a male Shepard yet, but I can see her romance being very touching, as well, considering her character arc.

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