Let’s Talk About…: Minecraft

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Let’s Talk About…: Minecraft

I… have nothing to say about this.

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I haven’t played this game, and, really, have no desire to; like Final Fantasy before it, there’s no good reason for this, other than really never being given a real reason to pick it up.

Aside from the fact that the game entails punching things to get resources to build other things, that can then be blown to smithereens by green, phallic-shaped creatures called Creepers, I know exactly four interesting tidbits about Minecraft.

  1. It has some really neat music.
  2. There is a let’s player names Kurt J. Mack who has been trying to walk to the end of the Minecraft world since 2011, and he has close to 400,000 subscribers on YouTube.
  3. There is apparently a story mode, and the ending to it was somewhat controversial because, to my uneducated eye, it confused people, and we all know what happens when a video game has an ambiguous ending
  4. MatPat from GameTheory has an episode that explains why the dreaded Creepers are actually a real plant, and while I don’t know that much about botany, it was a very interesting listen.

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Sorry, guys. I know this is a very popular game, but this is completely outside of my area of expertise. So I have to ask…

What are the top one or two things I should know about Minecraft? Is it worth picking up and playing? Do you play/have you played Minecraft? What did you think about it? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you soon,
~ Athena

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    1. I’m quite similar to this. I like the idea but when I have played it something didn’t quite click with me. It is fine for a short while but then nothing held me to keep playing. I went back into my save a few months ago (probably longer than that actually) just to see what I had done and just to wander but I didn’t do anything else whilst I was on it. I may try again one day to go back and do something more but I don’t know how likely that is (probably not going to happen). Some people have such amazing creativity within it which I admire.

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  1. Oh, Minecraft. A few years ago, some internet buddies of mine were really into Minecraft, so I tried it. I found it kind of boring, especially for a game that was advertised as the Lego of videogames.

    Since this is a post about Minecraft and not its creator I will avoid commenting on Markus Persson, but I have a lot of strong opinions about the man as an example of the toxic culture of gaming and its industry.

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      1. I think it does depend on you having the patience to explore, exploit/mine and only then build. I usually enjoy survival games and “walking simulators” so I feel like this particular explore-to-craft combination is just not for me.

        Yes. I mean, I think you are being too kind considering some of the stuff he has said and the causes he has given credence to. :/

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  2. Ah, good ol’ Minecraft! I played it for many, many hours back when it was still in alpha stages. It was pretty new at the time before it blew up and there weren’t a whole lot of options in it. I played on a server with about a dozen friends that we rented, and we built an incredible world, all of us had our own towns and they were interconnected by an underground rail system that ran through a central hub (we called it Penn Station). This was of course before all the mods and crazy stuff came out. It was an incredible experience digging through an infinitely-generated world because you would _always_ find something interesting. Then when you did, you just.. built a house around it. Dropped a bed, built some storage chests, made it safe from creepers and all that, and then dug a path to Penn Station and linked it together. It was a lot of fun! Incredible for a creative outlet.

    These days, it’s not the same, only because it looks so complicated now. It actually came preinstalled on the computer I’m typing this on now that I got for Christmas, and I fired it up out of curiosity (it’s been 6-7 years since) and I had no idea what to do. The whole crafting table looked confusing and I just couldn’t see the joy in it. Some things are better left in the past after all!

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    1. That’s pretty neat! I can see how some of the older versions might be close to the Lego experience that some people are alluding to, so it’s cool that you were able to be a part of the alpha stages and you build a whole community with your friends!! Maybe I just missed the window and now I’m that old gamer who just doesn’t “get it” and never will haha

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  3. In terms of the game itself, it really depends on your tastes and what you choose to do in it (and I’d highly recommend “Java Edition” over a PlayStation edition btw, I’ll give you more detail if you like).
    In terms of the community, there’s still some good left, but the toxicity (mostly the trending YouTubers) is making it hard to find.
    I plan to do my own entry on this topic, but with more knowledge of where everything is right now. If you would like, I’ll link back here when it’s published.

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    1. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, and would be flattered if you linked back here 🙂

      Is there any particular reason you’d go for the Java Edition over Playstation? Not sure if I’m going to get into the game, but just out of curiosity.

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      1. I personally prefer the team behind it as well as its control scheme and ability to be technical if one would want it to be.
        Those are all personal preference, but in that last one, you can essentially turn a developer-console-like feature on or off. I like that kind of thing, but I understand that not everyone does.

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  4. So this is an interesting topic. When I first played Minecraft, I was pretty much forced to play it by friends. I thought it was the worse game ever. I complained about punching cows and trees and I wasn’t into it. then I really gave it a chance and we played survival modes. I learned about crafting, potions and different ways to use the redstone ores (it’s like the power or electrical circuits to make things move). Somehow I dropped down the rabbit hole and was hooked. I played online where you can play mini games, I played survival and creative modes, the sky was the limit. Yes, the graphics are pixels, but I do believe that giving Minecraft a few hours is worth it.

    -Luna 🙂

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      1. It depends on which game mode you play. If you’re in survival mode, your main focus is crafting and trying not to get blown up by creepers lol. If you’re in creative mode then you are only focused on crafting a great structure or building or city! Then there are the story modes, mini games and social aspects of the game.

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  5. Hello I believe you are mistaken! Minecraft is a fun CREATIVE game that lets you use your IMAGINATION! Plus it’s fun and is blocky like Lego’s which from what I can see is kind of your thing…….so, I would recommend the game to people any day!

    Another thing is that you can play competitive games like, bed wars, sky wars, block hunt etc. WITH OR NOT WITH your friends you can build whatever you like.

    Ahhhhhh, the Creeper, well you simply don’t have to play with Creepers you just make it in the peaceful game mode, or you can make it hard, easy, medium, insane, etc.

    So in conclusion I would just like to say that I recommend this game, because you CAN BUILD ANYTHING you want! This game was in 2010 and still is today!

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  6. And once again I’ll comment on this topic. so what I think about multiplayer games is that the people can be friendly or not( IM A GOD AT THIS GAME) the friendly people take up most of the game BUT if you do try Minecraft then beware of the few people who are not friendly and use some cursing, and inappropriate texts or chats.

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