Anatomy of a Game Review #001: “What People Look For”

Looking for some perspective on writing great game reviews? The Well-Red Mage is pulling out the “big guns” to find what makes reviews tick.

The Well-Red Mage

470454841 (1).jpg

“The critic will certainly be an interpreter, but he will not treat Art as a riddling Sphinx, whose shallow secret may be guessed and revealed by one whose feet are wounded and who knows not his name. Rather, he will look upon Art as a goddess who mystery it is his province to intensify, and whose majesty his privilege to make more marvellous in the eyes of men.”
-Oscar Wilde, The Critic As Artist

Hello, NPCs, and welcome to the genesis of a new series!

I’ve been thinking about moving forward with this idea for a while, the nucleus of which was formed around the time when we put out the question “Are video games art?”. The community participated in sharing their thoughts and it was wonderful to see such a range of opinions and assertions (minus that one person on Twitter who said “Why is anyone even asking this?…

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