Life Is Strange’s Squirrelly Shenanigans

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Hello there, AmbiGaming readers!

LightningEllen here and happy to be babbling on the Goddess of Wisdom’s wonderful website. One of the few writing gigs I try to take very seriously, eh. Athena is taking a break from the blogging world presently, but she made the mistake of leaving me with author level access to her website… so here’s an article! Mwahahaha 😈

Ahem. Anyway, have you heard of a graphic adventure game called Life Is Strange?? I highly recommend you check it out if you haven’t yet. Few games have a story delivery that good, let me tell you. Lots of drama, plot twists, time manipulation, paradoxes, and beautiful BFF/romance moments… your choices really do matter in this game!

And on that note, I should definitely get this outta the way first:

⚡Minor-ish Spoiler Warning⚡ – I won’t be talking about any story elements or character details in this post (just optional woodland creature moments). However, the less you know about this game the better (probably) so please feel free to skip this post if you’re worried about that spoiler-y stuff!

If you’re still with me (hi there!), the only optional side thing to do in this episodic narrative game is triggering various photo op moments where the aspiring photographer protagonist, Maxine Caulfield, snaps photos of neat stuff she sees in the environment. During my binge playthrough one weekend, long ago, I got all of the photo ops for PlayStation Platimum trophy purposes. Woot!

The most memorable optional shots for me? The squirrels!! You’ll find some form of nutty squirrel goings-on in each one of the game’s five episodes, and always in the outdoor area in front of the dormitories. Never mind the critter cuteness and gamer achievements, Max’s sarcastic remarks alone are enough of a reason to go after these photos.

Here are my screenshot memories and locations of the furry little fellas!

Episode 1

Life Is Strange's Squirrelly Shenanigans 1
Hey! There’s nothing wrong with cat pictures (kings of the internet, eh).

The squirrel in Episode 1 is easy enough to find. He’s cutely chilling by a can under a tree.

Episode 2

Life Is Strange's Squirrelly Shenanigans 2
That’s the spirit, Max! Aim big and attract that future you want.

You’re not gonna get this squirrel to pose for free! You’ll need to bribe Episode 2’s squirrel to a bench using bread.

Episode 3

Life Is Strange's Squirrelly Shenanigans 3
Get it?? Nut instead of cheese… because she’s taking a picture of a squirrel not a human? Hahaha…. *crickets*

Now Episode 3’s squirrel is a clever little bugger… You’ll find him swatting at fireflies on a bench after Max exits her dorm. If you go near him, he takes off and you’ll miss the shot. Pffft! Nice try, squirrel. Rewinding time is the key to snapping this shot.

Episode 4

Life Is Strange's Squirrelly Shenanigans 4
D’aww!! Everybody deserves to have a BFF.

You’ll need to enlist the help of Samuel, the nature loving janitor, to get this squirrel pair’s photo. Once you ask Samuel for his epic advice about squirrels, (excuse me if I yawn a bit there) he’ll feed one. Do the same thing and a pair of buddy critters will be available for the photo op.

Episode 5

Life Is Strange's Squirrelly Shenanigans 5
Squirrel-zillas!! Yes. That was terrible and I am sorry.

No spoilers, but Episode 5 has some nightmare-ish themes for sure. On Max’s bad trip through this part, you’ll notice the window is open near the dorm washroom. Take a peek outside to be horrified by the giant squirrel menace (actually, they seem quite peaceful). Seriously…. what was in that food Samuel was feeding them?? Yikes.

And that’s all for this nutty article about squirrel shenanigans in Life Is Strange! I love it when game developers add little things like this to discover. Nothing to do with the plot or anything serious… just something fun to take in during this intense story journey.

How about you, internet? Have you played Life Is Strange? Did you notice the squirrels? Am I crazy for writing an article about squirrels in a video game? Lemme know in the comments section thingy below!

Thanks for reading!
~ LightningEllen

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  1. A brilliant game & one of my favourite stories I’ve played through in recent years, I agree about the photo ops it’s nice to have some side activities in games away from the serious stuff and there’s some very serious stuff in this game oh and yes you are crazy for writing an article about squirrel photos 🐿🌰😜 but that’s why we love you, well that and your an awesome blogger and all-around great person too. Seriously joking aside I always look forward to reading everything you post keep up the great work. 👊⚡

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The story is so good! Max’s sarcastic remarks are priceless, haha. And I definitely feel nuts for writing this 🌰

      Thank you so much! I’m glad I met you in the internet world, my friend. 👊⚡


  2. Have you played Life Is Strange?
    Yes, and I love it!

    Did you notice the squirrels?
    I didn’t, good catch on your part.

    Am I crazy for writing an article about squirrels in a video game?
    Only if I am for writing an article about, ” Bob Newhart Is A Nexus Point In The Multiverse”

    I wonder if the squirrels are there when you reverse time? Maybe they are bread crumbs to better endings.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the comment and question-answering! Glad you enjoyed Life Is Strange. If there’s a secret squirrel-related ending, I’m gonna find it 🙂

      That Bob Newhart thing sounds intriguing and not crazy at all… I’m going to have to check that out now.

      Liked by 1 person

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