Blogger Blitz: Soccer Survival – Lightning Farron vs. Mega Man

It’s Mega Man vs. Lightning Farron in this double-feature Blogger Blitz semi-final! Who can survive the longest in the other competitor’s world, and who will emerge victorious from a… soccer field?

Seriously, just go read it. It’s the best thing you’ll read today!

Adventure Rules

GOOOOOOAAAAAAAL! Oh, does that part go at the end? Whoops!

Greetings, adventurers, and welcome to the first event of the Blogger Blitz semifinals! My name is Ian and I will be your host in this wacky and wonderful battle of bloggers. There’s a chance that you find yourself in the audience today confused, unsure of what’s happening here. Maybe you saw the word “soccer” and decided to check it out. Maybe one of your favorite characters is competing in this event. Or perhaps a blogger you follow and enjoy shared this post on their blog or on social media and you decided to come check it out. Regardless of how you got here, if this is your first time then it’ll be helpful for you to know what exactly is happening.

Blogger Blitz began with eight brave souls who submitted a single champion to compete in the tournament. Those…

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