Let’s Talk About…: Endgame

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Let’s Talk About…: The first game you ever beat

I actually remember the first few games I beat. The first was:

Image result for kirby's dreamland nes

I know I’ve talked about this before, but it really was such a thrill to beat this game by myself. True, we had all taken turns playing and my brother was the first to beat it, but I had my own playthrough that I managed to beat all on my own. And it was fabulous.

I loved the simple controls, and the high pitched note that Kirby could sustain forever as he tried to inhale his enemies. I would have dreams about the awful boss tree, and felt bad when he had a little tear come out of his eye as Kirby danced around in victory. I loved watching Kirby fly around, and thought it was the cutest thing the way he could smoosh himself flat against the ground.

And did I mention that it was the first game I beat all by myself? ‘Cuz it was. And it was fabulous.

The second game I beat all by myself was:

Image result for metal gear solid 2

So, either my parents suddenly didn’t care about what I was playing (not true), or it wasn’t until I was older that I began habitually finishing games. It actually was around this time that I finally finished:

Image result for ocarina of time

I actually was given this game around it’s release, and loved every minute of it, but…because little me was so horrified by the Shadow Temple, I stopped playing. And by that point, my brother didn’t play video games with me anymore so I couldn’t even watch him and play using his residual bravery. But I did eventually beat it.

And thus, I decided that finishing games was actually a pretty good idea, and started doing it more often (haha).

What about you? What was the first game you ever beat? Did you ever stop playing a game when you were little and pick it up years later to finish? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you soon!
~ Athena

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  1. I think mine might have been Super Mario World on the SNES. Prior to that all games on NES were way too hard for me to beat. SMW was manageable and but still challenging even till this day. After it might be Donkey Kong Country, but I was on a roll after this so it starts to get blurry.

    One game from my childhood that I never bear but want to revisit was Super Mario RPG. I never is Ed it but rented it, and my mom kept extending the rental to the point where I had it for 3 weeks. I was near the end but hit a boss that gave me alot of trouble. Sadly the store we rented from. Was closing down so we were forced to return it 😦 I will best this one day though.

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    1. That’s cool. I love that you have so many beaten games that you can’t pick out just one haha.

      I’ve heard Super Mario RPG is really good! I’ve never played it… I hope you get a chance to finally give that boss what’s coming to it!

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  2. I think that the first that I finished was something on the Atari 2600. Whether it was Title Match Pro Wrestling or something on the 32-In-1 Cart, I couldn’t tell you. After that though, it would ahve been Sonic 2 on the Sega Master System.
    As to games that i left when I was younger then came back too … yes. Time Crisis 2 was a recent one, and i’m working through all stories on Sonic Adventure 2 Battle now. If I ever maange to get another copy, i’ll likely to Alundra and the first Oddworld.

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    1. Very cool!

      Time Crisis 2 was a good game. I never beat that, either, but it’s a fun one. I’m also impressed at your dedication to Sonic.

      Oo Alundra is on my to-play list. Let me know what you think of it when you get a chance to play!

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      1. It took a lot of repeated attempts to finally finish Time Crisis. It was a fun one though.
        Oh, I’m dedicated alright. I tend to be far not positive sit the hedgehog and his pals than some I’ve known.
        Alundra is great. I used to own it, but never got to finish it. It ahead get s little Zelda-esque to me.


  3. I actually remember mine very vividly because it coincided with a school project. In second grade we had a class pet, and each weekend a kid got to take the pet home and write in the class journal about what we did with the pet (it was like a hermit crab or something, it lived in a tank so you couldn’t exactly do anything super exciting). Anyway, that weekend I beat Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon for the first time, and it was the first game I beat without help from an adult. So that’s what I wrote my journal article about, and I’m sure the teacher just loved it.

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    1. Haha right? I hear senility is a sign of… wait what was I talking about?

      Ah! I actually never finished Mario. I made it to 8-2, the power glitched, and I got so mad I never went back to try and beat it. I probably should… Anyway, all that to say I’m jealous!

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  4. So for me, the first game I ever beat would probably be Snowboard Kids 2. It was the first game that was mines and not mine and my brother’s. For alot of my early gaming I would have my brother beat stages that I couldn’t so things like mario, sonic, etc I don’t count. I will say that the first game I beat that wasn’t a racing game was Fable. I was super proud of myself. Thanks for shairng!

    -Luna 🙂


  5. Wow! A lot of you have great memories! If you discount Civilization (which I MUST have had help with), then it was either Jill of the Jungle or Duke Nukem, but don’t remember clearly! Weirdly I have much clearer memories of watching my dad beat Wolfenstein 3D at about the same time, but I never had the courage to play it myself!


  6. I think it was the movie tie-in game for Aladdin. I can’t recall if I beat a game before that. I am not counting educational games here, because I feel they are more about the journey than the destination, though. You complete them rather than beat them.

    And I have picked up Prince of Persia on several ocassions and I still can’t beat it. 😦


  7. The Bottom of the Well and the Shadow Temple freaked me the heck out, but younger me got through it somehow, haha.

    For me, it’s either Yoshi’s Island or Super Mario World… I think 🤔 I’m leaning toward Yoshi’s Island but I think it’s because the badass big baby Bowser boss fight (sorry) at the end was so memorable!! The music was awesome during the fight too.


  8. I think it might be Half-Life or something like that, but only after going through different parts of the game by loading individual maps, sometimes going through them backwards to what Valve intended, messing about…

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  9. My first game beaten was Darkwing Duck for the Game Boy. I remember having a hard time with the final boss until I found one of those cheap out areas where the enemy couldn’t hit me, but I could very occasionally hit them. Won by exploit, basically.

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